Friday, June 26, 2015

5 on friday: If I had a baby shower

Still excited about yesterday's post, I decided to share a few baby shower ideas of my own! I'm pretty sure I mentioned in a previous post that hubby and I are opting not to do a second shower. Traditionally, etiquette dictates that a mother-to-be only gets one. Modern etiquette experts have now declared that a second shower is acceptable for babies of the opposite sex, and siblings born more than a few (I forgot the number) years apart. While we are having a baby of the opposite sex, we still decided not to.

I have been pinning baby shower ideas since my first pregnancy, then kept pinning because my bestie was pregnant and I knew that I would be helping to plan hers. Then I kept pinning with the hopes that one of my cousins would get pregnant so we could throw her a baby shower (none of my cousins are currently pregnant as far as I know). Now, I'm pinning because party themes are becoming more and more unique and coming together so lovely. Plus, now that i'm having a little girl of my own- I might just be storing these in my back pocket for future use (for her should she decide to have children).

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I think my favorite theme is the "mama-to-bee". Despite my dislike for bugs, I think it's adorable. It's a neutral tone which make it great for parents who opt to find out the gender of their little one in the delivery room rather than the ultrasound room (or in my case- on the front porch). There's so much you can do with this theme to make it your own- the food, decor, and party favor options are endless!

Speaking of food- food presentation is a pretty big deal now. Cakes and 
cupcakes are becoming a work of art with an edible bonus. I love how these items incorporates the theme and leaves guests wowed! I've always loved a good desert table. My love affair started with the candy buffet that we had at our wedding and it hasn't ended since. Desert tables also make really great decor centerpieces.

Decor is always a focal point of any party theme. It kind of ties it altogether. The theme starts with the invitation and ends with the parting favors, and the decor rounds out the middle. You can choose to have one show stopping piece of sprinkle it throughout the room.

I am personally not a fan of baby shower games, especially if you are in a a room full of people you don't know very well. I've attended baby showers with my mom for her co-workers daughter-in-law (confused?!) which meant I only knew 3 people in the room. That wasn't that fun. Some games are designed to embarrass the contestant a little too much- who gets a kick out of that?! Anyway, one of the games we played at my bestie's shower (2 years ago) was a game I've dubbed "waiting for labor". We froze itty bitty babies in ice cubes and gave one to each guest. As the ice melts the baby is 'freed' the first person whose baby is completely free yells "my water broke!" and they win a prize. I like it because there's not too much involved in terms of unscrambling words, quickly trying o change a diaper while blindfolded, or eating unknown baby food. It promotes casual conversation and even grandma (who may or may not be able to participate in the fast paced games) can participate! I originally got this idea from my brother's best friend's baby shower and will be using it at any shower I host from here on out.

Maybe I can use these ides to host a sip and see for baby girl once she's here. Since we no longer live near our family and friends, it would be a good way for them to meet the baby!

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