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Mother's Day 2015 recap

I always enjoy Mother's Day- even before I became a Mom myself. And since we are in the era of social media- it's always fun and sometimes emotional to see other's tributes to their mom. So many people have this overwhelming love for their mama. There are the few who do not but I find that even they have a mama figure that they choose to honor.

Somewhere along the line I began to view Mother's Day (and Father's Day too) as a weekend celebration. I can't be sure exactly when that started but my guess is that it started when I began to date my now husband, we wanted to spend time with his mama too! We had a wonderful compromise of spending the day before Mother's day with her and then Mother's Day with my mom. Unfortunately this year, due to work obligations we couldn't travel back home (well, we could have but it wouldn't have been 'worth it') so my parents & brother came to visit us! We FaceTime with them weekly but we hadn't seen them in person since Easter (5 weeks prior) and my son was really missing his grandparents. He talked about them all day in school telling everyone that they were coming to visit him. I don't know how they got him to take a nap at school! Imagine his joy when they arrived to actually pick him up from school! I wasn't there to see it but I've seen his reaction before and I bet it was priceless!

When they all got back home I was presented with the loveliest of Mother's Day projects from my son. I knew they had been working on them because his school notifies parents of the weekly lesson plan (and Mother's Day projects was on it) but they kept it a secret from us! I have all of my son's mother's day projects from when he first began going there (and will probably keep them all for the rest of my life) and this will be now different. His teacher's are a bit younger so I find that they put a 'pinterest spin' on a lot of their projects and I don't mind one bit. I'm a pinterest girl so I'm loving how they make a lot of these ideas come to life.

Love this! I'm currently looking for a shadow box to frame this in. 

This one makes me cry every time I read it. Every.Single.Time. Like I don't know what it says or something. But it's so true. One day I won't need to wipe away his little hands print from my walls or windows- I'm never wiping this one away. I bought a frame for this one too. I'm putting it up in my office at work until I have a bonafide home office of my own to hang it up in.

And they made these adorable cards- and signed their own names!

I have no idea how to frame this. Maybe just put it in a keepsake box?

My agenda for the weekend was as follows:
Friday night- my parents arrive so we stay in and have taco night
Saturday- sleep late, enjoy the weather, eat lots of grilled food. anxiously wait my brother's arrival
Sunday- enjoy a picnic at the apple orchard, sadly say goodbye

And it pretty much went like that! Last year, I felt like I was running around like a banshee trying to make sure everything was in order for the weekend and I was determined not to do that again. I put a reminder in my phone for one month in advance of Mother's Day but that still didn't stop me from forgetting some greeting cards. I usually don't do card store cards (there isn't anything wrong with them- they just tend not to say what I want them to) so it's essential that I prep in advance because not only do I "make" my own cards (via shutterfly) but I also have to account for shipping times too. Needless to say one card arrived late, and one not at all (my fault not theirs)- it's on it's way though along with an apology.

Hanging out by the fire pit

Unfortunately I don't have many pictures from Friday's taco night nor Saturday's festivities either. I spent most of that time enjoying everyone's company.

So fat forward to Sunday (which was actually Mother's Day) and well not quite everything went according to plan. I was really anxious about the picnic in the apple orchard. Earlier in the week, my husband devastated me with the news that it was supposed to rain all weekend. I was crushed. Throughout the week things kept looking up as he would check the weather forecast and the chance of rain kept getting lower and lower for Saturday (which turned out to be beautiful!) but the verdict was still out for Sunday. I went from being mad at my brother cause he wasn't going to be able to get in until late on Saturday to being mad at my husband for having to work Friday, to out right being mad. My mother's day picnic was ruined! I think it was part pregnancy hormones and part my planner personality but I had an at-ti-tude!

I think I did an okay job of hiding it though because I knew I shouldn't have been mad at anyone- not even Mother nature. The orchard actually had a back up plan for inclement weather that worked out great. Because of our timing we got there with enough time to spare without actually getting wet and was able to have our lunch without bothersome bugs. Then the skies cleared and you would have never thought it was raining 30 minutes prior. We took the opportunity to go on a tractor ride through the orchard. 

My son loved it of course! After that we took the opportunity to continue to enjoy the new found great weather. Much to my surprise the ground dried up really fast!

About a half dozen apple cider donuts, a bottle of hard cider, and a few hours later some more rain clouds started to roll in. So we packed it up and headed home. I was dreading this not only because it was the end of our picnic but because my family was going to be hitting the road soon too.

Not too long ago my mom gave me a bamboo plant to take home with me. I've always wanted to try my hand at growing bamboo. It's low maintenance and supposedly brings good luck. Well unfortunately, it might not have been low maintenance enough cause it bit the dust.And I feel awful about it- I got it from my mom and I couldn't even keep it alive, I mean really?!

Imagine my delight when I received a package on Saturday morning. I was in the bathroom getting ready and Buggy runs upstairs to tell me I have a package at the door. I figured his Dad put him up to it. I went to the door and nothing was there. Yep, my husband put him up to it and it didn't get translated properly.  About 15 minutes later I hear my husband ask "Did you get your package?!". My response was something about about son telling me I had a package but there wasn't anything at the door. So after going back to re-check I found it! I had to put it together (although I didn't mind one bit) but it was the most thoughtful and beautiful present...

Not one but two bamboo's! In the shape of hearts! One from each of my babies!! There must have been little invisible onions chopping ninjas in the room cause I began to have this watery substance in my eyes. I relocated this one (from where I had the last one) and now that I have instructions for the care of bamboo I'm making a promise to make this one thrive. My parent's and mother-in-law also gave me wonderful gifts which I truly appreciate. I plan to go shopping and relax with my gift cards. Gosh, they know me so well!

My mother and mother-in-law both liked their presents too. My only hope is that next year we all get to spend the holiday together again.
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