Friday, May 29, 2015


Continued from 'how I told him'

We continued on with these weekly visits much to my surprise and pleasure. Every week there was progress and every week my bloodwork came back great. Despite that Tuesdays were the worse day of the week for me. There would be slight small spotting. At one point I got really freaked out and swore I was miscarrying. One night I was crying so hard my husband had 'had enough'. He made me call the doctors office thee very next morning. We were sitting at the gas station when he was like "call, right now!" I put up a good fight and have a slew of reasons why I would just wait until our next appointment. Then he started to google the number so I had to give in and call. I told the nurse that all my symptoms disappeared and I had major cramps. She assured me that it was normal but then told me to come in the next morning so I didn't worry all weekend.

So Friday, December 12th
we saw the baby's heart beating. We had just been there that past Monday and that hadn't started yet. To see so much progress in the span of four days was amazing. I cried and cried and cried. This time it was joyful tears. I thanked hubby for making me go. I was able to relax and enjoying my weekend instead of crying it away. Well, I did that anyway but the tears were for a much different reason this time. We stuck with Monday appointments (it's really good at chasing away Monday morning blues) and just three days later we were able to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. 

Now, I couldn't wait to shout it from the rooftop. Ok, not exactly but I certainly wanted our parents and siblings in on the news. They would certainly be excited and happy. Plus, my mom was going to start to wonder why the heck I was always sleep when they called. More on that later. Seriously, here are the details. I'm taking this survey from my first pregnancy and tweaking it a bit.

First trimester update:

Due Date: August 5, 2015

Gender: oh, we are finding out this time. We didn't the first time around and that was exciting. But this time if I see a cute dress I want to know if I should buy it or not.

Name: This will be hard. We are going to wait until we know the sex but that hasn't stopped us from throwing around a name or two.

Weight Gain: They haven't measured. At all. So my baseline weight will be from my home scale and that will likely be off from the doctor's but I gotta start somewhere.

Sleep: Fine. I feel stretching when I lay on my stomach. I'm going to miss laying on my tummy.

Feeling: Elated, fatigued, apprehensive (this could end at any moment), and bloated.

Health: Initially, my blood pressure was high. After those first few appointments it leveled off into normal range. The nurses weren't too concerned and chalked it up to nerves. I was so stressed and worried in the beginning and it showed in the form of my blood pressure.

Movement: So, around 7 weeks I swore I felt movement. Therefore, I googled it and apparently everyone else does too. Then I came to my senses. It's just gas. But I'm certainly gonna be on the lookout for the first sign of any movement.

Belly: The saying that you show sooner with your second has some truth. I know it's mostly bloat but I feel like I look very pregnant. I know no one else sees it- and that's cool 'cause I not ready to let the cat out of the bag at this point.

Next appointment: At this point it's still weekly and I'm loving it!


  1. How son was a summer baby! And congrats on a little girl!

  2. So glad everything is OK. Looking forward to reading your future updates!


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