Tuesday, May 3, 2011

To-do: make a to-do list

I'm a list person. I work better off to-do lists. When I see what needs to be done, I remain focused and for the most part stay on track. Plus there is this great feeling of accomplishment once everything is crossed off.

To combat my slackerness I'm making a to do list. First up- Register for childbirth classes. I'm a newbie at this so I need all of the info I can get. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the seasoned mom advice, but I have a feeling that these people are leaving out the important stuff. So I'm we're going. I am taking the hubby along with me.

Number 2: Get a clue about maternity leave. I have heard so many stories and nothing concrete (hearsay is becoming a common theme here :/)

Number 3: I suppose we should register for some baby stuff. I find this to be a bit overwhelming as well. It looks like it may get easier with the 'Baby Bargains' book so we will see. I am assuming with the number of baby showers coming up in my family (first one is next weekend!) I have some time for this but people keep asking me so I am guessing they are trying to budget?

Number 4: Get some new living arrangements. Yes, we want to move; yes, I am 21 weeks; No, I will only be carrying pillows.

Number 5: babymoon? While I think this term is a marketing ploy (but what isn't?!) and people have been taking antepartum vacations for years without a babymoon package- I like the concept. I would love for me and my husband to getaway for a while and enjoying being a family of two. I have no clue where we would go but I am not fond of leaving the country right now in my current condition.

So much to do- so little time. We'll see how much of this gets crossed off before September 8. It's likely to grow before it gets finished.

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