Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A random thought

Since I've been pregnant, there is nothing that is baby related that gets by me- not a mom pushing a stroller or a baby related item. Which brings me to this:

I got a little skeeved out when I walked into the restroom at Panera Bread and saw the changing table. I like many others do not really care for public restrooms, but there comes a time when you are out... running errands for a length of time and you need to go. The first thing I always notice in a restroom is the condition of the floors. If there is toilet paper, paper towel, or liquid of any kind on the floor I am mortified- mainly because you do not know what you are potentially stepping in and then when you go home you walk on your own floors! I normally take my shoes off before I walk in the door when I get home because you never know what else has greeted your soles from the outside world.

So anyway, I'm a little skeptical about using these changing tables. I mean come on... this was not bolted to the wall. Is this routinely checked by someone to make sure that all the screws are in the good?? What if they aren't ans someone places their child on it and boom! to the ground it goes?! How many times are these things disinfected?? Well, you know me- I'll have a carrying case of Lysol wipes with me to do my own disinfecting anyway but regardless of that, this changing table worries me.

**SIGH** I'm sure I am going to have a few more things to get over during this ENTIRE parenting process or find unique compromises for me and my child.

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  1. That's a good point about the change thingy's...never really thought about that, but I'm sure I'll remember now when its finally my turn!


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