Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can you feel it?

I did and so did he! Well I suppose I have been feeling it for a while- but I didn't know it and wouldn't have even guessed it.

I felt the baby move last night!!! So did my hubby!!! In my mind I thought that first feeling would be much like the Jackson Five video where they are sprinkling magic dust on the world and everybody's feeling it! But it was more like "wait ...what the ...was that ...babe! come here quick!" Now that I recognize the feeling, I feel like I'm feeling it all the time. Granted it hasn't been long but I am still excited nonetheless. I was surprised that hubby was able to feel it. It was very light but it was there. My initial thought was that I can't wait until the baby gets stronger but now I'm thinking the stronger the baby gets the more my organs take a hit. So, I'll enjoy this right now... another milestone reached :)

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