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More weekends like this...

This week's week end wrap is pretty long considering I had a long weekend :) Of course I got some boring stuff out of the way like Friday after my half day at work, I went to go get my hair done. My hair has completely fallen by the wayside (as it normally does) because I get too busy to care about it. I am a little disappointed in myself because pregnant hair is suppose to be luxurious... mine: not so much. So with a little inspiration from my good friend Ebony over at Longing 4 Length, I am going to try to "keep up" my hair for the remainder of my pregnancy. I have no idea about how I am going to accomplish this but a least right now, in this moment I plan to.

Friday afternoon started the official summer get together of the season. My aunt has thee best backyard for impromptu family get togethers and that's exactly what we did Friday night. The tables and chairs have been washed off, the miscellaneous debris swept up and there is charcoal in the grill :)

Saturday we visited my husband's friends in the next state over. A quick 2 hour drive and we're there! I hadn't been to visit them in so long so it was good to catch up with them. They have three beautiful children who keeps everyone entertained with their pool antics. While talking to 'the wife' she tells me that she found out at 22 weeks that she was having twins... commence freaking out! How in the heck did it take 22 weeks to figure this out??? My last appointment was at 23 weeks and I didn't have an ultrasound... in fact I haven't had an ultrasound since about 18 weeks! Her twin boys are 6 years old (I think) and I am not sure how much obstetrical technology has changed in the past 6 years but this is cause for concern. I distinctively remember my husband's friend freaking out once they found out about the twins and my husband (at the time he was just my boyfriend) frequenting their house to help his friend 'drink away the stress'. But I digress... we still had fun and ended the evening in my Aunt's backyard for another family get together by the grill.

Sunday morning I dutifully went to Sunday school and church. I want to share Sunday's lesson with you all because it struck me in a particular way. I'll have to save that post for another time because it deserves it's own shine time but it put a few things in perspective for me. Sunday evening we celebrated my cousin and her fiance's engagement. It was soo cute! They are getting married in the Dominican Republic next year so I am sure the engagement party was a chance for everyone to come together to celebrate (especially because destination weddings do not always have a lot of people in attendance). I really wish I could be there with them next year- but right now it doesn't look like it's in the cards. So instead they bought DR to the party!

I LOVE these centerpieces. They look so beach-y. They had a framed picture from their engagement pictures on each table... so cute!
There was a toothpick (or a skewer...whatever) stuck into each fruit arranged on a fruit platter. I think this looks so Luau-y
Who doesn't love a good candy buffet?! See my take on candy buffet's here... okay I haven't exactly updated the page but I will...

There was a mini-bar there serving specialty drinks. I like the punch fountains and you can see each of the specialty drinks on top of the bar. When I walked up there to get something to drink the bartender asked me "ginger ale or iced tea"... I thought it was pretty funny!

Monday was of course memorial day. While I appreciate every free day off we get- I think I am going to make it a point to take my children to see/do one memorial day related something growing up. Even if it is every other year. I truly respect and appreciate those serving our country and I intend to instill that in my kids as well. Both my grandfathers fought for our country, my mother-in-law and father-in-law served as a Marine, I have one cousin currently serving and one on the way to the Marines after his June graduation. There are countless other men and women in my life who has served, currently serving, and will serve and I truly appreciate it.

After going out to one of the best diners in town for brunch and a little bit of shopping, we FINALLY made it to the movies! We saw Thor in 3D and it was good.  I wasn't into comics or superhero cartoons as a child but the adult versions are turning out to be good! I remember my husband introducing me to them while we were dating. I thought I had to sit through a Batman movie for the sake of the relationship (and because he cooperates when watching chick flicks) but I thoroughly enjoyed it! So since then I've been down for Ironman, Ironman 2, the entire Batman franchise, and a Spiderman movie here and there. I can also say I'm looking forward to the Green Lantern, the Avengers, and Captain America all due out this summer. First, all of these previews were shown in 3D, second you must watch each movie (if you see it in theaters) until after the credits! There are very important clues about what's coming next! I know, I sound like an excited 8 year old boy but I find these story lines to be very entertaining! So, even with our blockbusters booked I think I am mostly looking forward to:

Photo credit
 I can't believe they gave him his own movie!!! I am by no means a movie watcher (although I'm sure you can't tell from my movie plans outlined above) but this I have to see...

After the movies... guess where we went... yep! my aunt's backyard, lol! I told you it's the summer hangout. Everyone brings something and we use it 'til it's gone and then we get some more. We adjourned early because everyone (except me) had to work the next day. Actually, I don't think any of my aunt's went to work but I got to add a day to my already extended weekend!

So, where I work employees accrue vacation time instead of "earning" it. My parents who work for a well known, pretty reputable company gets a certain amount of vacation weeks per year. My dad who has 30+ years with the company (goodness!) gets 6 weeks of vacation per year (which is pretty hot stuff). My mom who has 23 years (or there bouts) gets something like 5 weeks. If you were to start at that company on Monday I think you would get something like 2 weeks. I on the other hand get 11.75 hours or about 1.5 days per month. So in a year if I do not use any time I will accumulate 18 days or 3 weeks and 3 days (it's a little more than that because we accrue hours not days... I hope you understand what I'm saying). I think that's a pretty good deal. Here's the thing... my parents have to use their time or loose it so in April of every year they end up cleaning their house for a week because they were trying to save their vacation time "in case something happens" FYI: nothing ever did... I on the other hand just keep accruing time until I reach 210 hours (6 weeks). So what's the big deal?? I have managed to max out my vacation time! So every month I have to take 2 days of vacation and I will remain maxed out (by accruing back the 2 days used), and essentially get more than 6 weeks of vacation. This is very important and strategically planned for my maternity leave and a summer bonus!!! Can you tell I am proud of this accomplishment? So this month I took off a day for my brother's graduation and I extended my Memorial Day weekend by a day! I have begun strategically planning for next month and rest assured in July I will be extending my 4th of July weekend... hahahahah!

Which brings me to today:

I treated my self to a pedicure. The toe nail polish is for my husband :) He likes when I wear bright colors. When he met me I only wore black, navy blue, brown, and beige so anything he buys me does not contain any of these colors. Honestly, it feels a little liberating stepping outside of my box. The last time I did this was in '09 when we went on our first anniversary trip and my insanely bright color was hot pink.

I FINALLY got my wedding dress cleaned and preserved. Everyone in my family will be happy to know this because they have been on me to do this forever. I think it was about time since I did get married in 2008. Honestly, the hold up was because I wanted to do a trash the dress session with it but I never got around to it and now that I am pregnant who knows if I'll ever be able to fit into that dress again!

I spent some time in Michael's which is a major craft shop around here. I know the franchise is in almost every state in America but I'm hot stuff overseas and needed to clarify. What?! You think I'm joking?? Okay....

Yep, these are my blogger stats by country. So what I'm not an international sensation but I'm still hot stuff over seas :) I;m actually surprised by the number of clicks I get from other countries. Okay, back to my point... I love Michael's. I am a crafty wanna-be and one day I will be a do-it-yourselfer. Anywhoo, I picked up some more scrap booking supplies for the baby's scrapbook among other things. I had hoped to get home early enough to actually start the scrapbook but I don't think that's going to happen. Lastly, I got my onesie exchange gift!!!! I am almost positive I've mentioned this in an earlier post but the ladies and I over at thebump.com decided to do a onesie exchange. I sent my package off today (I forgot to take a pic before I did) and I received mine today! I am so excited!!!! This is what I got:

4 of the cutest onesies and a receiving blanket! AND she sent me the orange M&M!!! In case you didn't know I love M&M's and the characters they are.... I wanted to do my gender neutral nursery in an M&M theme but I think it's kind of hard to do that without some sort of copyright infringement (and by that I mean having custom wall decals made) or scaring my child into thinking M&M's are monsters that's going to come off the walls and eat him or her. So, we may dress up as M&M's for baby's first halloween. Even if we don't (because I've found some super cute bunting costumes and won't be able to decide) baby will be taking one of his or her monthly pictures as an M&M! About a week or so ago my husband was out of town for a gig and bought me back something really special and thanks fellow bumpie for adding to that!

Now, I am home (hoping hubby doesn't read this post before he gets home from the gym... I don't want the onesie surprise to be spoiled) spending the rest of my evening with you folks and leftover Monday brunch and most likely "bumping" and "facebooking" for the rest of the evening. I know this post was really long (i'm not even going to bother to spell check- I'll fix those later) so thank you for hanging in there with me - if you are still here - and listening reading all about my wonderful weekend. I am officially placing an ad in the paper for more weekends like this :)

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  1. WHOO HOO! Thanks for the shout out! I had a great weekend over Memorial Day also...felt like I was in college again but this week my body quickly reminded me its not 19 anymore! Have you been married almost 3 years already?! Wow...

    That is really awesome about you having saved up enough vacay time to have 6 weeks full pay, look at you being all responsible! And you kept saying you weren't ready to have a baby, hmrph!!!

    Lastly - girl I too remember the days of only "french" on the toes!!!! I got a lil excited myself, so tell hubby good job on breaking out the color in you!!! XOXO!


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