Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hello July!

Alriiight! Let's get this summer started! 
First, I am thrilled to say that I made it another month in this here space. Another whole month! I really like to blog and connect with you guys so I'm very excited that here I am at the beginning of July still plugging along when usually it's about this time that I stop for awhile.

Last moth I was able to keep up with:

And as I predicted we still had a lot to do. Here are some things that likely won't get a recap.

1. We participated in our first 5K fun run/walk. My son likes to run, run, run so this was right up his alley.  It started with a fun run for the kids. The littler ones did a quarter mile and up to age 10 did a half mile. So stinking cute!!!! But we did put him in his stroller for the actual 5K part.  I have been looking forward to this for a while. It's a fundraising event for my son's future school and we were happy to participate. Plus, I've never run a 5K before.

My cousin's 30th birthday. My twin cousin's are like my brothers. They moved across the country at a very young age and we were all sad about it. But that didn't stop us from being so close. It's funny because we were able to maintain our friendship being on opposite ends of the country and we didn't have social media to help us. Every summer they would come back to visit and we couldn't wait. My brother and I would spend all day playing with them and their younger sister. We have some of the best memories. It was the 5 of us every summer. Their girlfriends planned them a nice 30th birthday cruise which was also so much fun.

That is probably the best picture I have from that night. Everything else is fuzzy because of the lighting, movement of the boat, and some family inebriation, lol!

This month I'm hoping to share:
- A recap of Father's Day
- How we spent our babymoon (considering it's been nearly 6 weeks)
- Sharing our visit with Baby girl
- Some maternity pictures!
and fingers crossed: a really fun project that we were invited to participate in. I don't want to jinx it just in case, but I am so over the moon about it (and watch it turns out to not be a big deal, lol!)

Here's to another month of blogging and my last month as a mommy of 1 :)

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