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Working Mama

*this post was started so long ago so don't be confused if the dates are off. I never published it because I 'lost' a picture essential to this post. Since I've found it (and I'm about to become a SAHM and then became a working mama again)  I'm  just going to publish it the way it is- because that's  how things were at that point in my life. Things are a little different now.*

Written July 2012

I've been back at work for a little over 3 8 9 months now and it's coming to an end. Being on maternity leave was bitter sweet. I loved every single moment (good and bad, frustrating and rewarding) bonding with my little guy. I think he really knows who I am now! We've gotten to learn so much about each other and had a blast! And then there were times when I longed to do things like peruse the internet. Sometimes I did this from my phone while I rocked him or at night when my brain wouldn't shut off, but sometimes you just need an actual computer.

Since I've been back at work I have to learn to juggle and balance like a professional circus act. I don't always get it right but then again when is everything supposed to be perfect? So what's a day in the life of a working mama like? well here goes...

Bedtime usually looks a little like this:
And then again like this:

And then again like this:

My son thinks sleeping is for whimps. And everyone who sleeps are whimps too. And just to prove it he lets us know like this:

Ideally, I'd like to be out of bed at 6 am, but after being up just 30 minutes before my alarm clock goes off I just hit the snooze button.

Finally I'm up and dragging myself to the shower... no I will not post a picture.

The rest of the morning goes like this: get showered, get dressed, pack up the baby, get the baby up, get the baby dressed, load up the car, leave. Somewhere in between all that my husband gets up, gets ready, and makes some sort of breakfast. About 3 days a week we car pool to work. The other two we have to take separate cars because of our after work commitments. Mornings at work are a blur of emails and voicemails. Sometimes I like to sit in my office and pretend I'm important.

It's not as bad as it looks

I must admit my second favorite part of the day is lunch. Most days I bring my lunch because buying lunch everyday is NOT in the budget.

one of my UNhealthier lunch choices

I try to slide in some workouts on my lunch hour too but quite honestly that hasn't happened in a while.

The afternoons usually consists of trying to make it through the rest of the day. Sometimes it flies sometimes not so much. I'm usually just waiting for the moment where I get to see my little guy again. I know it's cliche' but I really do begin to miss him by lunch time. I'm always wondering if he's hungry, sleepy, cold. I know it's insane because I wouldn't leave him with anyone who would starve him, not lay him down for a nap, or freeze him to death but its just me "worrying" about my babe. Essentially, I can't wait to see his smiling face...

Somedays we head straight home, other days we get to hang out at my parents house for a bit. My parents LOVE having him around and I LOVE that they love having him around. Once, he took out all of the plastic bowl and lids from under one of the kitchen cabinets- it was a big mess! But my parents thought it was hilarious! I wish I had gotten a picture of this because it really was out of control but they loved every moment of it.

After dinner he gets a bath to help him settle down. This is my favorite part of the evening. It forces me to stop multitasking and I have to focus all of my attention on him because otherwise I'm normally trying to do a few things at once. However, I have to time it right or it quickly becomes my least favorite. In order for him to fall asleep peacefully his has to get his bottle laying down in the dark snuggled next to mom. If not he tries to fight his sleep and everything just goes south.

Once he falls asleep- its so relaxing and comforting. I love snuggling up with him at night. He so cuddly and warm, I just love it! But then I normally have to slip away from him after a while because a mom's work is never done.

To be continued updated...

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  1. Cute! It probably all still applies now except for the sleeping and parental visits, right?


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