Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear Chicken Wing,

I'm linking up with Becky again this week. But somehow I got my dates wrong and this was supposed to be published last week but eh... I'm still gonna post it. I feel like it took me forever to write this one and I probably didn't say everything that I wanted to but it's a start! This is a letter to my 16 year old self. Time machine- please take this letter to Friday 9/10/1999.

Hello Gorgeous! Yes... Gorgeous. You are beautiful! Sometimes people aren't saying it just because it's a nice thing to say. Have some more confidence in yourself. Sure, you may not like certain features about yourself but no one will ever nit-pick over yourself the way you do. I know Mom and Dad aren't really big on it but perhaps you can try to get into a little make-up. Ask mom to take you on a mommy-daughter date and you guys can go to Mac or Sephora together. You don't have to be outlandish like Colleen (save that for your wedding) but eyeliner nerve hurt anyone. You have a way with words... convince her and then go to lunch :)

I hope you have fun at your party this weekend... Scratch that you WILL have fun at your party. Just don't forget to invite Corey and Kamau- they want to come... trust me! Plus, Kamau... well I obviously I can't tell you what the future will hold but let's just say life is soo short sweetie and you want him to be in the pictures at your party. And for goodness sake take a camera!

I know things seem a little rough right now but remember trouble don't last always AND life goes on. You are turning 16 for crying out loud!! It's not the end of the road- you still have this year and next year of high school. Go to a few more school parties. I know you are shy about dancing but you don't have to dance, you can just go and have a good time watching everyone else make fools of themselves. Junior year. Can you believe you're a junior already?! It seems like yesterday you just started! Keep up your good grades,  they will pay off in the end. And I know the 'school on Saturday's' program is a real wrench in your weekend but they will help you sooo much when it's time for college. And leave your father alone- he's just proud of what you've accomplished. You know resources like this weren't available to him and he just wants you to have the opportunities that weren't afforded to him. You'll be the EXACT same way when you have children of your own so lay off him okay??

Speaking of Dad. He's there for you guys more than you know. So really stop giving him a hard time. It may not seem cool and he may say things that get under your skin but it's all out of love. Go spend some times with your grand parent's... all of them! It's not going to hurt to put the phone down for 30 minutes and just talk to them. Ask both your grandma's what childbirth was like for them- it'll mean a lot to you later :) Ask both your Grandpa's to write you a letter about anything then keep that in a safe place.

Protect your brother at ALL costs. I mean you do a pretty good job now but when you guys are in the same school next year- beef it up a little when he gets there. Don't embarrass him... ever! You'll regret it forever and ever. And when he gets to high school find a way to get him up to college with you every.single.chance you get. Things are going to get beyond rough and believe it or not you will be his outlet. He needs you.

Boys. Ugh! I feel like all of the experiences you are going through is helping you (who is me) now so maybe it had to be done? Here is my advice: just make wise decisions- you don't want regrets later, having a boyfriend is cool and all but it ain't that serious. You know how some of them are aggravating you now... well it doesn't stop so don't invest to much time in it or them. Being boy crazy is only a bad thing if you let it rule every aspect of what you do. Stay away from "R". The "bad boy" isn't worth it at all and he's confused anyway. Just keep telling on him and pray he leaves you alone. He's trying to get your attention and it's working but his attention isn't worth yours. And I mean all of those "R's"!

Keep dancing. It's one of the better things you do. You love it for a reason. Pour your heart into it and just keep dancing. When the time comes you may not have to quit because you go to school. You are dedicated- stay dedicated. Find a summer dance class and maybe, just maybe consider minoring in dance when you get to college.

Keep Smiling. It's one of your better features. Some people look forward to that smile. Smile through it all, through everything- it'll make you feel better.

Go shopping. The internet will help you find cute outfits.... start now.

Keep taking pictures. Of everything. Everyone will get over it and you'll look back on them and smile. PS. do NOT and I mean this in every dingle sense of the word screw up developing your brother's 8th grade graduation photos. You got some good shots- be able to prove it. P.S. help him take pictures... it works out well :)

Cherish the family reunion. Those people won't always be around to attend. You will always have memories of each one.

Disney was fun wasn't it? Hound your parents not to wait forever to go back. Give them $20 bucks to help pay for it, lol!

I could go one for days but I'll stop here. Maybe I'll get another chance to write you a letter. Chicken wing you are unstopable! Prove it! Then dance and smile.

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  1. I love this!!!! I'm actually going to try to implement the "letters from your grandparents" thing for my older family members.


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