Monday, September 23, 2013

Summa, Summa, Summatime!

Can you tell I loved this past summer?! I honestly expected this to be only one post and then start this week off ushering in fall. But Alas- I haven't even told you about August!

So let's see. August began with the second anniversary of my HHJ. Nothing to write home about- mainly because I haven't been "on it" like I prefer. Right now I'm just trying to maintain. I stopped and started so many times but that's all part of a journey...right?
And for reference

23 months... Wha?!! Bring on cryfest

I celebrated a good friend of mine's 30th birthday. Which only means I'm up next. And only proved that I'm bad at bowling. I did however manage to pick up a spare.. whoot, whoot, lol!!

Did some more hanging out at the pool...

And then things got a little more interesting. After coming back from another amazing family reunion weekend where we drove 14 hours, met up with some old friends, visited the city where my family's originally from, and had a blast...

I worked at the Jets football training camp. I had so much fun and can't believe I was a part of such an amazing opportunity!

I was assigned to drive a golf cart around all day. And I ended up with a sore back by the end of the camp, but seriously. How many people can say they got a selfie with Santonio Holmes?!

Cool right?! I took a crap load of of the selfies with other players and Santonio's Dad, lol! but those are  going into the archives... for now. I had a blast working with the team and hope to get the opportunity to do it again!

And just when we thought we were getting worn out we said said "how many times are we going to be presented with the same opportunity?!" And then we drove to Cape Cod.

For labor day we kept it really low key. My family came to visit and I never wanted the weekend to end.

It really is a summer that I'm sad to say goodbye to. However, Autumn is my second favorite season so bringing on the pumpkins, apples, and scarves!

Time to go upload my phone pics and here's to hoping for another fun filled season!
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  1. I never want to let go of Summer, I always am so sad when the weather cools down. I guess I am one of those crazy people that like it hot.

    Hair journeys are a crazy roller coaster aren't they. It's so exciting in the beginning but then just gets so boring because everything happens so slowly. I've sort of stopped keeping up with monthly pictures and all that. Maybe I'll do a bi-yearly update at this point. Your hair looks really nice by the way. Keep up the good work.

    Looks like you guys had such a great Summer, lots of fun times by the water, my kind of Summer.

  2. Definitely a fun filled summer! How awesome that you got to work a football camp!

  3. You had an amazing summer! I'm stalled pretty much at the same length as well. You're right, its all part of the journey. I'm enjoying it nevertheless!


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