Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bye Summer, It's been real!

Looking back... this summer was pretty much Epic. I can't believe how much fun we had! During the summer I felt rushed and like I didn't have enough time to enjoy it but thanks to my handy camera I realize we had an amazing summer! There are only two things I wish I could have accomplished but otherwise- it wasn't bad at all!  We we will have some great memories of Summer 2013:

This guy turned 21 months...

Who I absolutely adore....

I went to a bridal shower for a friend of mine who actually started out as my hubby's co-worker. I love when relationships blossom in that way.
Plus we are all making plans for a week long trip together next summer... whoot, whoot!!!

There was some of this....

There was some of that....

We celebrated Father's Day :)

And I went to more Bridal Showers :) Same group of friends, same great time. Wedding season is going to be awesome this fall! Which reminds me- I need to go dress shopping!
We also went strawberry picking for the first time! Despite the bugs (and there were lots) I had a good time. We went to a no frills farm which was probably the joy of it. Don't get me wrong- I like the touristy farms but there was something so simple and enjoyable about the no frills farm. However no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get him stop eating the fresh picked berries. It was skeeving me out cause I needed to wash them off first! Aaaahh boys!

And that was just the month of June! Which also stared someone's obsession with tractors too.

We also happened to not be at home any weekend the month of June. I guess that's what happens when you pack up and leave your life behind in the next state over. I'm grateful that we are so close that we can drive to see of friends and family- plus we get a whole new set of friends where we live now! It's win/win!!

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  1. Looks like such a fun July. Your boy has a total GQ pose in that first picture

    I love love that picture of you and the boy and the one of the boy with his father. Precious. He is so big now.

  2. I love all of your "compilation" posts. You tell stories really well through pictures.

    Are you still thinking of your "second" career? The mention of all the upcoming weddings brought it to mind.


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