Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

So here we are. At that point yet again.

That point where things get so busy that something has got to give. As much as I love this little ol' blog it's always the first to be put on hold.

I know it's really not that big of a deal but I still feel bad.

So much has been happening - I'm not sure I'll be able to recap it all! Especially since my hard drive with all of my precious pictures crashed. I do have them backed up online but I'm still bummed that my hard drive crashed. It had every picture I've taken since 2006 on it. I'm thinking I should have made back up CD's too. oh, and by the way if you know someone who can retrieve data from a bum hard drive- send them my way!

In other news The count down is on... I mean it's been on since last year but I'm entering the home stretch to turning 30. I had originally planned to celebrate out of the country but my trip plans has fallen by the wayside (see the blog isn't the only that's taken a hit) and I will probably be celebrating stateside.

This weekend we celebrate my little guy turning two... TWO!!! When did that happen?!?!

I think I just read one of the dumbest articles in Internet history. Okay, that was harsh. And it isn't the dumbest... it actually isn't dumb at all. I just don't agree with many of the author's points PLUS she talks herself in a circle. Maybe one day I can elaborate more- in the meantime if you have a moment read it and let me know your thoughts.

I am beating back Fall with a stick! For real... Fall is my second favorite season and all but I feel like it's slowly invading my space without my permission- I'm clearly not ready for summer to be over. And it's not... not until the 22nd. And I'm sticking to it!

But then again there's this...

Aliya & Pam are hosting a fall giveaway- check it out (you just might win!)

But when fall does get here I'll be ready for it!! Apple picking and pumpkin pie... cute scarves and super cute jackets. Not a bad idea, eh?! Which reminds me- I need to schedule our family photo session. Oh, and I got some cute outfits for the little dude all picked out. I might even publish my very first fashion post. Okay, maybe not.

Speaking of  +Aliya Rinaldi... can you pop out of your "reader" for a moment and come visit my little webspace?? Can you see there are some changes going on around here? I'm loving them! My hugest thanks goes to Aliya for hooking my blog up! It was time for a much needed face lift. She was so patient with me and listened to all of my wants, do not wants, and must-haves and I adore her for it!! If you are in need of any design work- seriously check her out. Don't forget to tell her I sent you!

That's it for my brain dump. Hope you have a good weekend :)


  1. ok.. I LOVE your new design and the header with the pacifiers is adorable.

    When life gets busy for me, my blog is the first to get hit as well. I'm getting better at allowing social media to take the hit. LOL!

    For me, I really can't wait until Fall gets here. Now, I can appreciate Summer.. I really can, but it is just entirely too hot down here in Louisiana and I'm over it. LOL!

    Nice to see you back! (:

  2. Hey there!

    Glad to hear you're well!

    Ahh the few months leading to my 30th were exciting :)

    2 years old already?! Seriously! Time is flying.

    Fall is my favorite season and I also think that summer went too quickly. I mean it just turn 2013, right?


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