Tuesday, April 17, 2012


If you ask any mom how is life with a newborn like, they will be sure to mention sleep deprivation. It's a commonality that all new mommies share. Sure there are a lucky few who get excellent nappers and babies who go long stretches without waking up but these gems are few and far between. Clearly that gift was not bestowed upon me.

While my little guy always looks so precious like so:

circa october 2011
He doesn't think it's necessary to look this precious all night long. Oh baby boy! So, I'm thinking of beginning to sleep train. I believe he is the right age and weight requirements (he weighs enough to not need a midnight snack) to begin sleep training. So I've done a little research. In my research I 'think' I have narrowed it down to two different methods.

The Ferber Method is a technique commonly known as 'crying it out' (CIO). The science behind this makes sense. In a nutshell you help baby learn how to sooth himself to sleep while still reassuring him that you are there. The No-Cry sleep solution is a technique in which a gentle removal system is used to help baby sleep through the night.

These are both popular in the mommy community and both have pros and cons. There are other methods that claim to combine the two. The thing is I'm the one who isn't ready. Well, I am ready to start getting unfragmented sleep. But I'm not ready for tears or lots of hard work in the middle of the night.

Maybe for now I can settle for

So what's SIFW you ask? It's a phrase my son has coined 'sleeping is for whimps!
Do you guys have any advice for dealing with the lack of sleep or sleep training?

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  1. I was right there with you, but I gave in a tried 1 night of crying it out, and it has seriously changed everything. Our hard thing was getting E to go down for bed time. One night i threw in the towel, laid him in his crib, gave him his paci, and walked out of the room. Then I sat in the hallway for the 20 longest minutes of my life and listened to E cry while I cried right along with him. I hated every second of it. But he stopped, and didn't wake up again until 730 the next morning. Do what you feel is right. If your not ready, your not ready. But I definitely think when you are ready, give CIO a chance, its hard but it worked. I really hope you get some better sleep soon. Someone suggested changing bedtime ( we use to do 2030, and now we do 1930.) I think that helped some too. Good luck!


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