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Told you I didn't realize how much fun we had this summer! So there's more I wanted to share and yesterday's post was getting lengthy. July bought more summer memories. Actually I think I was looking forward to July all year :)

Just went I thought we were going to do some relaxing...

Well maybe we did a little relaxing :)

We had our first trip to the Waffle House! I love that place. It's like a Pennsylvania/ down south thing and the nearest one is about 100 miles away from me so when I get to eat there I'm glad. I think the little guy liked it too!

And then he turned 22 months... and made me fall in love even more...

We had a blast at the St. Anthony's feast with our friends...

And we also hung out by the pool some more. Can't forget our snacks!

 The fourth of July was fun! I though for sure he would be scared for the fireworks but instead he would yell "BOOM!" every time they went off. My phone really sucks (hello new iPhone!) so the volume I got on the video is horrible or else I would share it- too cute!

 There was super hero day at it school and I was way more excited than he was!

There is this place... not to far from where we live- that was absolutely gorgeous! Our friends took us here to hang out and needless to say we WILL be frequenting here more often. ANDPLUSALSO?! I wore a swimsuit!!!

And then... the moment I had been waiting for. The highlight of my July. My reason for summer vacation... ok scratch that but still I was so excited about this weekend that I planned it for months. Next year I hope we can stay a little longer.

Okay, Alright. I know these pictures are a let down but a) I need to get my point and shoot fixed and b) I have an older model iPhone. I honestly planned my vacation weekend around the Beyonce concert. We went to the one in Atlantic City and we had a blast! That weekend was amazing from start to finish. You see, we knew that we wanted to go, that we wanted to make a weekend of it, and that we would need a baby sitter. So we solicited my parents to go with us and we never regret that decision...ever! Friday night was the concert so we arrived in AC a few hours before it started. We were lucky enough to stay at my Uncle's house which I LOVED. I miss him, dearly. *If heaven only had visiting hours* But due to some lack of communication (sorry!) my parents didn't stay with us at the house. So they picked up Buggy and then hubby and I headed out to dinner. 

And you guys?! I missed him the whole time. I can't believe it!! However, the food was amazing as usual. I love Phillips Seafood and can only go there when I go to Atlantic City. After dinner we headed to the concert. I'll admit Atlantic City isn't quite the Beyonce fest I expected or am used to from previous concerts but I think that may have been a good thing. I prefer smaller venues with less crowds- definitely more awesome that way.

The next day was the Atlantic City Food & Wine festival. And oh my goodness what a festival! We only did one event and it was well worth it. I definitely plan on going next year and then doing more than one event. However, that is not to say that the one we did go to wasn't amazing. Let me tell you guys. We ate, we drank, and we snuck our baby in. :) So apparently no one under the age of 18 is allowed (you guys suck for that!) so I have no idea how we will work it out next year with our two year old but the staff (who was very nice) ended up helping us sneak him in and furthermore most of them looked the other way when they knew he shouldn't have been in there.  

I didn't watch all the season's of Hell's Kitchen so at first I didn't know why I should have been so excited but I got to meet one of the chef's from Season 10. She was truly a pleasure! For the remainder of the event we were able to eat, drink, and sample some of the best food I've ever eaten! I'm stalking a restaurant now just for the Lobster Bisque. But the highlight of the day was unexpectedly meeting Robert Irvine!!

I knew he was a part of the weekend's festivities but I had no idea he had scheduled appearances!!! And it all happened so fast. First we were standing around eating a chopped barbecue sample and then he was in front of us. So then it was quick get the camera, take a picture, shake hands, move on... And because of that we have some of the absolute worse pictures ever with him! My husband looks like he has brownie mouf and I'm not even in it! He did say that Buggy was sooo cute and we're gonna have a "problem" with him. Oh well, we still had fun. Next year I hope to surprise my hubby with a class with him. But that'll only happen if he's apart of the line up again.

OMG! Every time I see that picture I crack up laughing until I have tears in my eyes. My husband was in such disbelief that I didn't wait for him to stop chewing before I snapped the camera. But Chef Robert's handlers were rushing me so badly and I didn't have a moment to think let alone set up a favorable shot! Shoot! At least he is actually in the picture!

And just like that July was over. Between being swamped at work, jet setting on the weekends, and trying to maintain a household in between we were always so busy... no wonder July seemed like a blur!
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  1. This is so cool. You guys has a busy but fun Summer for sure.

    OMG meeting chef Robert, how awesome. I would have been the same way, I get so flustered when I meet stars. You did get a picture and that's all that matters :)

  2. too funny that you mentioned Waffle House because Sean and I saw one when we were driving around a few days ago and i told him that i could not wait to try it!

    these pictures are great! he is adorable! can't believe he is 22 months old!

    that is so awesome that you got to meet Robert Irvine!! i would have reacted the same way, lol, but probably would not have gotten the picture.

    sounds like a great summer :)

    and about Beyonce ... you know how jealous i am, right?

  3. CJ is super photogenic! When you said the highlight of your summer, I was looking for a family reunion recap! I hope there is one somewhere on this blog that I missed!!!!


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