Thursday, September 6, 2012

We're moving!

First, you already know this because you've been helping me out. Okay, so I know you are thinking well that's no big deal. Well, it kinda is... for me. So where do I start?

And yes, I know- this post has been a long time coming.

the beginning

My hubby has been looking to make a career move for sometime now. He's been applying for jobs on and off for close to 2 years now. Whenever he would see a posting he would run it by me and sometimes apply for the job, sometimes not. Most of the ones he applied for he would go on the interview when called. At his level the interviewing process actually starts with a phone interview then if they like you they invite you for an in-person interview and so on. So when he applied for this job I really didn't give it too much thought. He had been offered quite a few jobs and turned them down (for differing reasons).

The night before his phone interview our son had a particularly troubling night. He didn't want to go down at all! And when he did he would wake within minutes! Before we knew it, it was after midnight and hubby was PISSED because he hadn't had a chance to prepare for the phone interview. I tried to be supportive but I thought "really? it's just a phone interview! it can't be that bad!". I know he's my husband and all but he has a really good personality and I really didn't think he would do that bad. How much can people really gather via phone?? The next day I texted him for some miscellaneous reason and he reminded me that he was about to start the interview. So, I wished him good luck and went about my business. After it was over, he called me and I immediately knew it wasn't good. First, he called back relatively quickly. Second, you know that first few seconds after "hello" that can totally change the direction of a phone conversation- well those few seconds gave it away. He said he bombed it. I felt bad. I knew he was distracted the night before with our son. I genuinely felt bad- not so much because he was dealing with our son, but because he sounded pretty interested in this job.

Not too long after that (maybe 2 or so weeks later) he called me to tell me that he was invited for an in person interview! (See, I knew it!) I was so happy for him but quickly reminded him that I was right :) He of course brushed that off and told me he wants 'us' to come with him. WHAT?! I've never gone on an interview with him before. He wanted us to go and take a look at the area because we would be a part of the decision to make the move or not. I was excited- I mean come on... this is exciting! So I obliged. I packed up the baby and headed out with my hubby.

the call

In the meantime, hubby had put in a few application at a couple of more local places but they were all dragging their feet. One day just as I arrived to work and turned on my computer I get a call from the hubby. I was kind of scared because I hadn't left the house too long ago (we work about 3 miles from where we live) and he had dropped the baby off with the sitter. I was praying they were all right and this wasn't a you need to come now phone call. He didn't calm my fears when he answered the phone it went something like this

Me: "Hello"
Him: "Uhhhh"
Me: "WHAT?! are you guys okay???"
Him: "So, Um..."
Me: "Spit it out! Where are you?!!"

He was still in shock himself trying to find the words to say- 'I've been offered the postion'. I congratulated him and refrained myself from saying 'i told you so' yet again. I really was happy for him. He worked hard to obtain that job offer and quite frankly I was impressed. I got off the phone and headed back to my desk only to have my phone ring again right away.

Him: "So they called me back and offered me more money"
Me: "WHAT?! You're kidding!"
Him: "nope. They told me that after he got off the phone with me he received an email from HR and told him the max they could offer for the position. He didn't feel like haggling back and forth so he just offered me that."
Me: "okay, that's great!"
Him: "It's an insane amount of money."
Me: #dead

After he told me what they offered him I immediately knew two things 1) we were moving 2) I couldn't let him down by telling him that I didn't want to move. I actually shed tears. Tears of joy. I couldn't believe this was happening. This was happening- we were saying 'peace out' to everything we wanted to change about our lives- our 3 bedroom apartment, noisy neighbors, 20 minute 3 mile commutes (yea, we complained about that). Now, how was I going to tell my mom & dad. This was going to be hard.

In actuality it took us a week to decide on what I already knew. Truth be told, I am disappointed to leave my church, dance class, and my immediate family. On the other hand in all honesty it's only 3 hours away. So, I won't be stopping by dinner on a Tuesday night just because, but I won't miss every single family and church function either.

And then, I have to find a new job- I HATE looking for jobs.

the decision

So, while we were celebrating my friend's wedding weekend we were at the day after barbecue and we had the conversation right there- over a plate of ribs and pasta salad. Hubby was confident in us making the move reassuring me that while I would be away from my 'comfort zone' that zone wasn't very far away. So I agreed. I knew I couldn't say no. If I did I would be pissed all summer long while my neighbors were blasting their music, every time someone at my job aggravated me, and every time I looked at my son knowing I may delayed him getting a better life. Hubby got up form the table and made the call. Then I kind of cried. I mean this is big stuff here!

the details

This has been the hardest part. Hubby started his new position in July, I'm still working and living in our "old job/house". this is for a couple of reasons. First, his new job only provided him with temporary housing- very temporary... as in 6 weeks. Yea, that's bananas. So I wasn't going to cart the baby up there to live in on-campus housing for 6 weeks then move again. Hubby's new insurance doesn't kick in for 2 months so because our baby is still going for frequent well visits he needed to be covered. And of course I can add part time single mommy to my list- no biggie! So, I stayed and kept working for insurance purposes while hubby found us a place to live and commuted home on weekends. It has been a challenge to say the least. Thank God for FaceTime! We've made it work so far but i can't wait until this is done! I give a lot of props to my hubby. While I may be taking the brunt of the work with the baby, I know he feels helpless after I send him a text that the baby puked all over me and him 30 minutes after I gave him his nighttime bath. He wants to be with us and we want him there! He's done an excellent job finding us a great place to live (can't wait to share with you guys which house we choose!!) and getting our new life started in a new location.

I'm sure I left out something but that info will get thrown in here and there as I get the opportunity to blog more and more (hopefully) because I have yet to find a job and I have resigned to being a stay at home mom (more details to follow). Lastly, I'm sorry this post contains absolutely no pictures- I know really long posts with no pictures suck!


  1. This sounds exciting. I'm happy for your family and I pray you all adjust well. Again, I love the details you provide. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Congrats on this new chapter in yalls life!

  3. Congrats to hubby and congrats to you for being such a strong wife and mommy!
    Excited to hear more about the new place and all.


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