Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 Days of Thanks

Days 1 through 6
Days 7 through 12
Days 13 through 18
Days 19 through 24
Days 25 through 30

Ahhh. My final thoughts of Thanks. When I first started writing this I didn't think it would be so hard. But I didn't want to be redundant, I wanted each week to have a theme, and therefore putting myself withing those writing limits made this more difficult than I originally hoped. But I whenever I feel like things aren't going write I can use this as a reference to show just how much is right.

{Day 25} Doctors. My mom and dad both under went surgical procedures last week. My dad is fully recovered and doing well. My mom- she still has a ways to go. She recently disclosed to me that she feels helpless in her current condition. She hates being like this. We are all happy and even indebted to help her out with no qualms about it but this is not my mom at all. I am grateful that their conditions are "fixable" and while nothing is guaranteed I feel like in due time they will both be "ok".

I am good friends with doctors (as my intention when I went to college was to become a physician. They all kept at it and I was like "oh heck naw... I ain't 'bout this life!") and I know it doesn't come easy. I am grateful that they have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and make a difference in someone else's life.

{Day 26} My freedom. You know not everyone is free. Not every American is free- despite being in the land of the free. I read about all sorts of awfully terrifying things regarding people being bought and sold and forced to do things that they don't want to do. It's scary. very scary.

{Day 27} My education. My parents graduated high school, my grandparents graduated elementary school. For me college was never not an option. I get it- it's not for everyone but it was for me. MY parents worked HARD to make that happen and I am so grateful. As of right now I still have plans to finish my Master's but I want my son to know that education wasn't always afforded to his family but it will be afforded to him. Just like my parents worked hard to be able to make sure I had a proper education I plan on doing the exact same thing.

{Day 28} Thanksgiving Day. I am grateful that there is a day that America can stop and be grateful. Unfortunately (much like everything else) it's not held in a high regard like ti used to. I'm actually quite disappointed that the retail industry has gotten to be so money hungry that they are opening on Thanksgiving Day. I am grateful that I am no longer in a profession that requires me to be at work on this holiday.

{Day 29} Love of God. Or should I say his grace and mercy. I'm a child of God and proud of it. There are so many times that I have been spared and I attribute it all to him.

{Day 30}Last but not least- I am thankful for all of you. For sticking around, for being a source of knowledge and encouragement, and most of all for reading!!

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