Wednesday, November 6, 2013

30 Days of Thanks

Everyone else is doing it... and so am I. I like it because it gives me a chance to stop, reflect and be grateful for my many blessings. Sometimes, I don't think I do it enough.

My plan is to show what I'm thankful for via photography. It'll be crappy iPhone pictures for the most part because all of my cameras are out of commission but I'm still gonna plug along regardless.

This week will probably the easiest and most obvious. These are my first six days of thanks (in no particular order).

day 1:
This man right here!
This is in fact NOT  a crappy iPhone picture. My brother took it with his phone and anytime he takes a picture it turns to to gold.

He is incredibly patient, loving, and understanding. I am lucky to have a better half and thankful that he signed up for the job!

day 2: This little guy is the best thing since sliced bread! He's smart, funny, and super cute to boot!

Parenting isn't easy but I am so glad I got him as my "teacher".

day 3: My neighbor for 25 years, my partner in crime... We go back to Cardboard boxes, cactus plant fiascos, and made-up song. I love this dude!

My brother is incredibly talented, funny, and a great dresser too.

day 4. Awesome, amazing, fantastic, fantabulous!

I have the absolute BEST parents ever! Be jealous. Kidding (about being jealous). They really are the most amazing people ever and I know they aren't being so fabulous just to get recognized for it but I feel like they don't get enough credit for how much of a blessing they have been to others. I love them to bits!

day 5: In addition to having great parent I have an amazing parent-in-law. Be jealous again.

My husband (then boyfriend) set me up when I was first going to meet her and told me not to hug her 'cause she doesn't want to be touched, then he told me not to say anything awkward. I was soooo nervous it was unbelievable. But whaddaya know.... she swung the door open and immediately embraced me as soon as we got to her door step. My husband knew a that moment that I was a keeper. But she'd still kill me if I put her picture on my blog.... she hates pictures, lol! *I've noticed that you have to go to my blog to see the pictures- they won't show up in readers or emails (bummer)*

day 6:
These people right here aren't so bad.....

Just kidding! I have a great extended family and friends that I consider family. These are the people I actually look forward to seeing on holiday's, birthdays, special occasions- heck anytime of the year!
As it just so happens- I'm not the only one who had this amazing idea. So I'm linking up this post with Candidly Marie. Yes there is more than one person on my "person" list. I happen to have pretty awesome people in my life :)


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  1. This is so cute! I love the pictures of you and hubby and the one of your son. I think I just might jump in on this. Definitely a good way to remember the good things in life.

  2. i love this! i'm looking forward to reading all your 30 days of thanks.

  3. I am loving this thankful post. You are so funny


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