Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Favorite Things {stocking stuffers}

After all the presents are unwrapped, the wrapping paper is cleared, and the joy of the moment  is lingering in the air- you look over to see that there is one more thing that has been left for you with care.

I'm a fan of stocking stuffers. I've always like the idea of the little surprises waiting for you in your stocking. As a child I remember getting silly putty, chap stick, and every single year my parents would put a slinky in our stocking because we would manage to twist our up by January. Honestly, I'm not sure how we did it but it happened every.single.year.

My parents didn't have a mantle to hang stocking from so they usually hung from the sill of their stained glass windows. Each of the children has a stocking careful hung every year and each Christmas it was filled with the little things that we loved. So last year, I decided to get my parents stockings so that they can join in on the joy of peeking in their stockings.

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I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who care about stuffing stockings every year so here are my picks for great stocking stuffers!

For your baby:

Bath time is a regular in our household. I'm not sure exactly how little boys get to be so grimy! My little guy gets a bath every evening to wash away the day's activities and settle him down for the night. with baths 365 a year these things gets lots of use:

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But I will admit- I often forget to squeeze the water out of them from time to time. And do you know what happens when water sits in these things overnight? Scum, scut, and grim. That's what. It's pretty gross too find that water has been left in one and you go to squeeze it out and stuff comes out with the water. So we've lost a bit of our collection over these past two years from throwing out grimy water toys. This Christmas the little guy is getting a replacement batch (but shhhhh don't tell him!).

For your husband:

We all have hardworking hubbies who love and care for us and their families. Their unconditional love and support is displayed in many different ways- from working hours upon hours to playing horsey with the children just so we can go to Target alone. And there often comes a times when the busyness of life catches up with them and they just need a nap. Enter the Ostrich pillow!
Just kidding! But it would probably make an amazing gag gift! I'm not even sure how I came across that but it made me chuckle when I saw it.

Seriously- stop laughing. yes- I know this post is supposed to be about stocking stuffers. Yep, I also know how much a Ferrari costs. But how cool would it be for you to fit a Ferrari in a Christmas stocking?! You can totally make that happen with an exotic car experience package. Most of us can't squeeze an exotic car into our already tight family budget and it's not exactly family friendly. But, you can't tell me that hubby (your or mine) wouldn't love to get behind the wheel of this bad boy. Check out Cloud 9 living where you can give him the opportunity to race one of these things around a track. You get an experienced driver/instructor to guide you through the experience. Your hubby gets to live a dream and your car insurance rates stay the same! You can search by region/area to find the closest place to you and in case your from the school of "those things are too dangerous!" there are other experience packages available too. I think he would really like it.

For your mom: 

Ok, my mom doesn't really light candles around the house anymore. I'm pretty sure she'd just rather get the laundry done and sit down. But this might be great for your mom! I'd accompany it with a good book and cozy throw so she can have the gift of a nice relaxing evening.

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I used to be in LOVE with bath and body works. I haven't shopped there in quite some time because I can't really do scented bath products anymore (my skin has gotten sensitive in the past few years) but I think I may need to rekindle my love for their candles. Doesn't vanilla bean sound yummy?!

For your dad: 

Sometimes Dad's try to act like they aren't all mushy and sentimental but I'd bet that this would hit their soft spot.

I think a custom phone case is the perfect way stocking stuffer for dad. There are tons of customization shops that will put your favorite image or words onto a phone case. And it a great reminder of some of the most important things in his life.

For your brother:

I don't know about you but mine is awesome... and always on the go. He has a couple of different jobs to help him keep up with his busy lifestyle so we never know where he is next. Once, my mom got a call from job #1 that he was late and didn't call and it was unlike him. That threw my mom into full blown panicked mommy mode and she must have call his phone back-to-back well over 6 dozen times. Turns out he was fine (thank god!). His train was late, he didn't have signal in the tunnels  (going from New York to New Jersey), and his phone had died before he could call. Once he got off the train and made his way back to his car (he had a car charger) he probably made about 30 different phone calls to assure everyone he was ok- before he could even get on his way to the job he was late for. So this should come in handy.

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For your sister:

I don't have a sister, but if I did- I'd be stuffing her stocking with this. I think it's adorable and everybody loves arm candy. It's not too flashy yet not too subtle. IT's the perfect mix of gold and diamonds. Ok, if I had a sister I'd ask her to stuff my stocking with this!

 For everyone else: 

I'd say this is a pretty safe bet. Apple has taken the world by storm and even if your gift recipient doesn't have an iPhone- they probably have an iPod. Still, not sure- just get a visa gift card and call it a day.
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  1. great breakdown of different people to buy for!! :)

  2. Haha, that pillow is hilarious! :)

  3. I LOVE hearing about others' Christmas traditions!!! Thanks for sharing your fam's sweet stocking story!!! :) And I am loving that cross bangle...we're thinking alike on that one! Thank you for linking up with us!!! xz

  4. Those are our stockings :), I love stuffing them with candy and such for the kids, even my hubby loves the candy.

  5. Cool ideas. Hubby already mentioned the car. I told him if I can find a model one, I'll get it for him. As in a miniature model :-).

    Not sure what to do for stuffers this year but am definitely gathering ideas so thanks for sharing!


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