Saturday, November 9, 2013

My very first fashion post

Today we are embarking on a journey. Wish us luck because we are attempting our annual family pictures! Last year was a mess. Due to a severe lack of planning I choose to do studio portraits and despite having an appointment (these means nothing) we waited about an hour and a half, my son had gone crazy by then and my husband had run out of patience. To top it all off we didn't even get to shoot with the photographer who I wanted! The icing on the cake?! My son wouldn't keep his shoes on. Oy!

This year I tried to do a little more planning ahead. It isn't terribly last minute (I'd rather do them in October) and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather. I have a tendency to stress out about what we are going to wear. I like for us to be complimentary but not matchy matchy. Around September I start going through our closets to see if we all have any pieces that work well together. And whaddya know...this year we didn't. So much for planning ahead.

I usually pick one stand out item and work everything else around that item. This year it was a pair of amazing boots that I had that I completely forgot about. I was doing some online shopping and going through my order history when I was reminded of these amazing boots. So to my closets I run to try to find them. But to no avail. I think they may be back at our old apartment but I can't imagine why I would leave them there. I still have a chance to go get them before we head off to our session. In the meantime I'd thought I'd share with you how I'd like for my guys to dress. Neither of them have any of these pieces in their closet so we are winging it this weekend.
Fall Family pictures- Boys

This counts as a fashion post, right?! Wish us luck!

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  1. i love fashion for boys...i love when baby pancakes wears his khakis and cute..i die whenever we add a sweater!


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