Thursday, November 21, 2013

30 Days of Thanks

Days 1 through 6
Days 7 through 12

{DAY 13} How else would I remember doctor's appointments, birthdays, or where I need to be this weekend? Technology... that's how! I have come to rely on my phone to help me manage this busy lifestyle I've taken on and I'm grateful for it! When I think about what I would do if I didn't have the calendar (or address book) in my phone I think back to when my mom would schedule a doctor's appointment for me and she would pull out her pocket calendar with a copious amount of business cards wedged in between the months and I shudder. And it's funny because I think she still uses it even though my dad gifted her an iPhone last year and her purse weighs the same as new born baby.

{DAY 14} Even though it's out of commission right now... I really need to find a
battery before thanksgiving, I am grateful for my camera. It was a very unexpected but much appreciated Christmas gift from my Santa :) There are days when I wish that I all I needed to was take pictures. Being a professional photographer. It's such an amazing skill to have and one that I don't take lightly. The camera has afforded my brother some amazing opportunities only I'd wish I discovered my love for being behind the camera sooner.

{DAY 15} There are some mornings that call for a hot beverage. Ok, every morning calls for a hot beverage. And since I am not a coffee drinker this hits the spot every single time. Hot chocolate really is like my morning cup of coffee. But not just any cup of cocoa will do. It has to have the right amount of chocolate and sweet without being too overpowering. Dunkin' Donuts gets it right every single time. I wish I had a DD hot cocoa machine at home. But for those days that DD is not in the budget... I turn to Land O' lakes hot cocoa. My sister-in-law introduced this too me about two years ago and I've been hooked every since!

{DAY 16} Free gym. Yep- I said it, I like having a free gym membership. It's one of the many reason why I will not leave the field that I am in. You see, I've tried the paid gym membership thing and it didn't work. Actually it worked for a little while when my cousin and workout buddy would text me every morning to get my butt up and she'd meet me there. Bu then she fell terribly, terribly ill and I stopped going.
So having a free gym membership it like gold for me. If I go then great! if I don't it's no sweat off my back (pun unintended). Despite the fact that its hot as all get out in there and I'm usually surrounded by the oh-so fit younger and prettier girls and the guys trying to impress them- I'm okay with that. Now only if I could actually lose some weight.

{DAY 17} I'm thankful for Katy Perry putting this out there... I couldn't have said it better myself. No really, I couldn't.

{DAY 18} Thanks to Doobie shops (aka Dominican hair salons)- I look somewhat presentable on a daily basis. Rollerwraps have been the basis of my hair regime since I was in high school and admittedly I need to step up my hair care game if I am going to make any progress whatsoever on this HHJ. But in the meantime I love the low maintenance fuss-free doobie.

And I realize that the word "Doobie" is a Jersey word and every where else in the world it's referred to as a roller set or roller wrap.

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  1. Awesome things to be thankful for.

    I am shopping for a "big girl" camera. Got any recommendations?

  2. I appreciate our local Dominican salon as well. Also McDonald's surprisingly makes a GOOD hot chocolate as well!!!


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