Thursday, November 28, 2013


Every once in a while you need a brain dump. I'm unloading right here....

Don't forget I'm still co-hosting this awesome giveaway!! You know black Friday, small business Saturday, and cyber Monday are this weekend. How awesome would it be to have some extra shopping money?! Hop to it- ya only got one day left!

Our family pictures are back!!! I'm so excited! We have quite a few to choose from and that's what I would call a success. I absolutely loved what our photographer was able to capture. She deserves a gold medal. I'm going to be sharing a few sneak peeks with you soon- so stay tuned!!

I need a vacation. Like a plane ride away with ocean water, a bathing suit, and an umbrella drink type of vacation. Although I'd settle for a car trip and bathtub. I just need a few moments to not be someone's employee, take a break from all of the obligations and rigmarole.

I didn't know how to spell rigmarole until I needed to write how much I needed a vacation.

It's Thanksgiving y'all!!! I've been waiting for today for quite sometime. I'm usually good for dessert so I made apple pie, sweet potato pie, and I'll probably throw in one more item as the day goes on (depending on if I can get some kitchen space). Now I'm off to go eat until I have to be rolled away from the table :) Hope you enjoy!

BONUS!!!!! Use code FREECAL at to get a free 8x11 calendar. Make a great Christmas gift!

I'm linking this post up {tomorrow} with Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha for 5 on Friday. I have something else I want to post tomorrow and I have this thing with posting twice o the same day. So, you got my 5 a little early :) Ok- for real, I'm off to eat.

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