Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend recap: Diggerland

Disclaimer: This happened in October 2014 and was written November 2014. So, don't get confused when you see Halloween references- Ha!

I was so excited about this trip. I've been waiting to take my son here since it's opening in June. I knew he would love it and it was supposed to be apart of his "birthday theme."

My son had no idea this place existed so I knew once we got there his mind would be blown away. And I was correct! It's just under a two hour drive (from my parents house) so he fell asleep during the car ride down. All he knew is that we were going on an adventure!

When he woke up and was surrounded by construction vehicles he was so excited.
Each of the park's attractions have different height requirements.. That range of 36-42 inches makes him able to do quite a few things at the park. I love how they don't leave the little ones out either. There are things to do for those under 36 inches and they are free to get in!
The children were also invited to dress up for Halloween. That week's theme was everyday hero's. I was so happy I got to whip out his fireman dress up set. Although he wasn't the only fireman there, I'm pretty sure he was the only there outfitted with a fire extinguisher and bull horn. Listen, the more uses he gets out of the better I feel. It was actually a gift from his Godmother but still- he got another wear out of it.
As soon as you enter the gates the barrel train stop is right in front of you. It's being pulled by a tractor and singing the most annoying adorable music so he was instantly attracted to it. We had perfect timing because there was no wait and he was able to hop right on! At first, I thought he was going to cry about it because he would be "going away" from me but he was instantly distracted as soon as it started moving.

Our next stop was the Ground Shuttle and it was also our first disappointment. My little guy was too short to get on! I felt so bad! I knew there would be a ride that he couldn't get on but I didn't expect it to be so soon after we got there. He was so disappointed that he couldn't get on but luckily there were no tears.

Luckily, we were able to distract him with the next ride which he was able to get on.

While we were waiting our turn I said to hubby "I think you get to drive". He insisted that I was wrong. Giving me all sorts of reasons why we would just be passengers and essentially not listening to me. Cause you know, that's how husbands are. Then this happened.

Yep, that's hubby. Driving a front loader. I thought he was going to burst from excitement. He made me record his entire ride around the course. Don't worry- I'll spare you. Towards the end of hubby's drive I asked if my little guy could do something.... anything. He replied "Sure! the shovel works!". I had a camera in my right hand and using my phone to record in my left hand. It was just so cool!

For most of the rides my son was a lap rider. This was cool because he still got to drive, ride, and play. I like that he didn't need to be excluded because he wasn't tall "enough".
Even the carousel was fun. Although my mom was not here for that (that's her- essentially crouched down in the bucket seat).
I think this one might have been the highlight of the day. We got to get in the digger and... DIG! Buggy got to operate the controls, I was just there as his co-pilot. There are a lot of safety features built in- like if you go too far to the left or right it automatically cuts off. The ride operator would then need to come and reset you. Guess how many time that happened to us. The good think about it was it took the operator no time at all to reset. I have pictures of my Dad doing this one and he was beaming the entire time.... boys and their toys.

This one was a littel variation of the digger. There was a hook in place of the shovel and items in a bucket with hooks on them. You had to grab each item and remove it from the bucket. It sounds simple, it looks simple, but it is anything but. I am not sure if you're suppose to have a time limit but these to took their time and eventually got it all out!

Hubby and I got on the shy shuttle together. My parents were on the play ground with our son so we took a moment to do one of the rides- just the two of us. Sometimes he looks embarrassed by me. He really isn't though...

Buggy loves tunnel slides but hates to do them alone. So, I'm usually going down one with him. I don't mind it gives me an excuse to be a kid again!

We ended on the same ride we started with. The day had come full circle.

We stayed until the park closed which is about 6pm. It was so much fun! One of the benefits to staying until closing is that there is less chance of a meltdown when the little guys sees that all the rides are going night-night. And there's usually less people which means more goofing off for me!

My husband, son and dad talked about this place for weeks! They are only closed two months out of the year so I think we will be back more often this season. In fact, I know we will because I bought us all season passes!

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