Friday, May 15, 2015

The things I don't want to forget

Our little babies don't stay little forever. Just the other day while hanging out with my son I thought "I wish I could bottle this moment and relive it whenever I want". I wasn't about to whip out my phone to take a picture or record our interactions because I wanted to really be present but also because we just weren't doing anything.

In response to okie dokie:

" oh-dokie-dokie"!

When sick:
"I don't feel very so well"

Conversation #1:
Hubby: Hey buddy! What are you drinking?!
Buggy: [dryly] A Beverage.

Conversation: #2
Hubby: What are you eating?
Buggy: Food.

His favorite snack: "minimums". (M&M's)

The coolest movie out right now (well at the time): Teenage mutant engine turtles.

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