Wednesday, May 13, 2015

March recap: a week in NOLA

There was actually more to March than our big vacation. But the vacation is most note worthy.
We set out to New Orleans, Louisiana for a a week filled with (little did we know) sunshine. It was a welcome surprise considering the weather forecast was predicting rain the entire time, and the fact that it was still very much cold where we live.

Buggy is a champion flyer so
I expected things to go normal on our flight there. Plus we had a layover (that I was not looking forward to- thanks hubby) that I figured might get him excited to be on a plane twice in the same day! Wrong!

For some reason he totally flipped out when we got on the plane. At first he was super excited then he started telling me he wanted to get off! I'm not sure exactly why but the good news is that he calmed down in less than 3 minutes and then proceeded to look like grown up the entire time in flight. I mean- look at the headphones, the beverage (apple juice), and the Ipad. He looks like he's flying out for business! I will say it helped that we had free wi-fi in flight (score one for United)!

When we got there our first order of business was food. That means no unpacking, no camera getting, no chit chatting. Everyone use the restroom and get back outside- and do it quick, fast, and in a hurry! Unfortunately, my husband had other plans. I can't remember exactly what he was doing ( i think changing out of his travel clothes) but all I remember is being super annoyed in our hotel room and incessantly texting my brother that I was hungry. My parents and brother were already there (they had arrived earlier that afternoon about 3 hours before we did) and had eaten, but they did come and dine on snacks and drinks with us.

I'm actually kind of sour right now that I didn't take any pictures during our first official meal on vacation but I was so hangry I couldn't be bothered at the time.
During our 7 days there our schedule pretty much went like this:
too early: wake up, eat quick breakfast
9 am: tour/sightseeing
12: hangrily look for lunch
1pm: walk around aimless looking for something to do
3pm: begin a discussion about dinner despite being full from lunch. 
4pm: decide to do something NOLA related at the last minute or chillax (chilling + relaxing)
7pm: dinner
My husband, son, and I have been to NOLA before (last year in fact) but we didn't get to do everything that we wanted to. I mean really there is soo much to do in New Orleans and let's not even get into the rest of Louisiana! My parents & brother had never been so I wanted them to have the opportunity to do somethings that they wanted to do. They chose well...

                                                         St. Louis cemetery 

Louisiana swamp tour

French Quarter tour by horse & carriage 

French quarter tour by foot. 

Mardi Gras World

- which was actually my idea...
I had wanted to go last year but never made it. I'm
so, so glad we did this time. Loved it!

The French Market

- lots of great finds and good food!

Steamboat Natchez

The steamboat lunch cruise on the Mississippi River. Below we are waving at the boat from the dock. But we actually did get on it, have lunch, and essentially have an awesome time.

Photo courtesy Terzo Photography 

But there was also some relaxing moments. Like having lunch on the dock and watching the cruise ships depart. 

The highlight for my son was the street cars. He loved riding these! We would get day passes and use it to get from the French Quarter to the convention center (did I fail to mention that hubby was there for work for a few days?!) and back. 

I think he also like pool time back at my parents hotel. He loves to swim and this time was no different. 

We also did some souvenir shopping, cause that's what you do, right? I'm beginning to amass quite the collection of Mardi Gras masks.

My brother fell in love with boudin balls. My hubby said he's going to try to duplicate the recipe one day. I can't remember if it is a French recipe, a Creole recipe, or if its French-Creole but oh my word. And they can throw down on some bread pudding!
Photo courtesy Terzo Photography

And of course my family had to do Cafe Du Monde. It's like the most famous of the famous but I honestly think the actual place is over hyped. I've sampled some from quite a few places and I think my favorite was found in the French Market. It was served with an apple batter that was to die for!

Photo courtesy Terzo Photography
We also did a bit of hanging out at Jackson Square. That's always entertaining. 

Photo courtesy Terzo Photography

Everyone had a great time. It was a really good week amidst a lot of chaos. I'd gladly go back again, and again.

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  1. Oh how fun! I've been to New Orleans several times while my sister lived there. It was before Katrina though. Never really did the tourist thing. Looks like it was fun.
    Thanks for sharing!


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