Monday, May 4, 2015

January/February recap

So here's a quick recap of the happenings of January & February.  So after New Year's, I continued through January with a few Mommy & Son dates...

A few family outings...

And was able to attend a few {extended} family celebrations!

The toast is from my Aunt's housewarming. Notice the juice box among the sea of sparkling cider. My little guy opted for the sparkling cider. Not pictured is my little cousin's second birthday celebration. The children had a blast and even cousin jumped my hubby. I love it when they all get a chance to play together!

February was even more exciting. It marked the start of Buggy's ski lessons. Skiing is pretty big around here. we live within 15 minutes of 3 different ski reports and the snowy season lasts from November to March up here. So yeah- extra long winters make for staying on the slopes.

Most of his school mates ski and they talk about it in school (yea we're talking 3 and 4 year old's) so naturally he asked if he could do it too. He was persistent so we obliged and I am glad we did. His first lesson was filled with tears and snot bubbles but after that you couldn't tell him he wasn't a pro. We were able to stand outside and watch him on the bunny slopes which was fun but let me tell you about the heart attack I had when they took my baby on the real slopes. Panic city!

I obviously trusted the skill of his ski instructor or he wouldn't be there- but there is something about watching your "baby" ride off into the mountains with a virtual stranger hoping he makes it back down without incident.

Well he made it back down- but he was carried down. Apparently he needed a potty break and they didn't want him to have an accident so they skied him down and rushed him to the bathroom, At first I was scared to death like "OMG! Why is he being carried?!" but that quickly turned to laughter when I saw him make a beeline for the lodge. They get hot cocoa during their breaks so I really wasn't surprised that he had to go mid ski down.

And of course I just had to share a video of my baby doing his thing. This is him on the bunny slopes. If you listen without volume you get the jist (check out that awesome stop, lol!) But if you listen with volume you can hear him shouting to me. It's the sweetest thing ever:

"Look at me Mama, I'm skiing all by myself! Whooo Hoooo!!!"

Also in February he went bowling for the first time. I honestly didn't realize how much fun this could be with a little one. I'm an awful bowler and never really bowled more than once per year. They've made great strides in kid bowling since I was a kid bowler. Check this thing out:

If you haven't been privy to the recent world of bowling (much like myself) it's a ramp so the littles can put their ball on it and it will give it some momentum to get down the lane. You ever see a little one push a ball down the alley? Most likely it doesn't get very far. This is genius! That combined with the gutter pockets makes for some super star bowlers!

Sadly, that didn't turn out to be a strike but a spare is just as good! But he did go a few times without the ramp. He loved it!

February continued with meeting superheros, continuing to embrace the snowy season,

Birthday celebrations (for my mom every year that has a birthday in it is a great year!) and ice skating,

 And fun with a rat a mouse a rat? a mouse? a rodent kids happen to like and my son is no different.

Despite all the fun we had been having February wasn't all fun and games...

Materialistic things can be replaced but our lives cannot. Obviously we are all ok but my poor car was in the 'car hospital' for 4 weeks as a result of this doozy. We had just dropped our son off at school (thank God!) and on the way to work we slid off the road and hit the guardrail. My right front bumper lost. Thank goodness for car insurance! At first glance it seemed cosmetic but the damages to the right front side of the car was extensive. However I still have so much to be thankful for:
- we have car insurance
- our son wasn't in the car
- we weren't hurt at all- not a scratch
-  the airbags didn't deploy
- mom mom let us borrow her car for the month
-snowy season is now over (until November)

Seems like we should be exhausted after all that. But March went even better... stay tuned!

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  1. So sorry to hear about the car accident. I do love your silver lining and super busy schedule.

  2. Glad to know you are all ok after the scary!! I love when kids can take lessons with something they love...we are trying soccer this summer and I'm
    So excited for him!


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