Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May!!

Yep, it's official. I'm averaging a post about once every three months. When I first started I was able to post daily, now... I just wish I was posting weekly. I have to catch up on the goings on of the last three months- which I plan to do over the next couple of posts. But first a little housekeeping blogkeeping.

 I missed this little space of mine. I always have thoughts running through my head about potential blog posts but unfortunately can never get around to it. I guess that's life. Many of the bloggers who inspired me to blog (especially the first blog I really followed) are no longer blogging. I'm not sure if that means it's not a cool thing anymore or we have all gotten really busy. I still keep up with my favorites offering a comment here or there but I don't have an online presence like I used to.

 My little guy is getting so big! When I first started this He wasn't even around- now he's like a bonafide little boy. What happened to my baby?! Ok, lets get something straight- he will always be my baby. But from now on you will know him as Buggy. He will still be around here but as he gets older I need to do the responsible parenting thing and protect his privacy. So very little full front face shots but still lots of personality. This little guy is hilarious! I have a whole post ready to go about that.
I am committing to this blog for the month of May. The entire month. No, not 31 posts but more regular posting (likely two to three times a week). And if I can't I will do a mobile post at least once in a week. As life continues to happen, I put more and more of my hobbies to the side to focus on being the best support for my husband, child, and even parents and brother (some cousins and friends too but that's not as time consuming).  I haven't baked in ages, I haven't posted in months, and thank goodness for digital scrapbooks cause me & paper just wasn't meant to be!
I have some exciting stuff to share with you all. You know I consider y'all my web friends, right?!  It's like we are old friends who just haven't had the chance to get caught up in a while. Well get ready for some overload. I just need to get it all out there.
Here's what coming up next:
January/February recap
March recap
April recap
Wordless Wednesday (the series)
Things I don't want to forget
Mother's Day recap
Very exciting news
A vacation story
(I'll link back once it's posted)

That's right, I'm here for the month. Most of these posts will be written and scheduled solely because I still have other responsibilities to keep up with that don't include me editing photos and writing posts. I mean I like to do those things but they are also time consuming from time I don't really have to begin with. So, there you have it. I can't wait to rock with ya this month!
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  1. Hey you, you are back. It's not easy to keep up with blogging or just things in general. Looking forward to your exciting news :).


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