Friday, May 22, 2015


This girl right here. Lucky. Very lucky I tell ya! Here are 5 wonderful reasons why I'm feeling so lucky right now!!

1. Hubby booked us a babymoon. Yep, a babymoon. Some refer to it as the time after which a baby is born when mom and baby bond together. Others refers to it as the 'last vacation' the parents take before baby is born. I'm going with the latter.

2. Since our son was born we've always taken him with us on our trips. Hubby has done solo business trip, I've done one. We also attended an out-of-town wedding together where we left Buggy behind. Other than that, he's always come along. I like that he's a well traveled child but I would venture to say that this is over due. 

3. Hubby called me up one day and asked me how much vacation time I had. My reply was certainly not enough considering we have a little one on the way but then again- is there ever enough time you can take off for that?! when he asked me about a weekend on a beach... together, I suddenly didn't care about vacation time. I'd do it unpaid if I was allowed!

4. I need this... no, we need this. There are days when both our jobs (both paid and the parental gig) stress us out. We are fortunate enough to still be able to enjoy time away from work but there's nothing like recharging especially with your other half. I could list a million reason as to why we need this but none of that matters right now as will have an opportunity to relax... together.

5. So while we aren't going away for an extended time (and besides I'd miss my little guy too much) A weekend away in Bermuda is going to be perfect. I've packed sunscreen and a bathing suit (that's all I need, right?) and I cannot WAIT to be here all weekend!
Please pray for our safe travels! Hopefully it won't take me 3 months to recap this lovely trip! See you soon!
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  1. Yaaahh to babymoon in Bermuda!! I love thoughtful husbands and sometimes a few days away is all you need sometimes!!


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