Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap- Up

September Pictures, Images and Photos

It's September and do you know what that means?! My birthday is coming up :)

Labor Day weekend was this weekend. We didn't really have concrete plans- although we did have an impromptu family get together on Saturday. We don't know when baby will decide to make his or her debut so I'm keeping things low key.

Sunday was Beyonce's Birthday. This is actually of no importance to many people but she's one of my favorite artists and she recently announced her pregnancy at MTV's VMA's and I am super excited to be gestating at the same with her- even though our concurrent pregnancies will come to an end shortly. During the course of my pregnancy I liked to look at celebrity pregnancy fashion and what they were up to so it'll be fun to see how she rocks her bump and continue performing.

My due date is in 2 days!!! I honestly think I will go past my due date- but we will see what happens.

My birthday is in 8 days!!! I am so blessed to have lived another year and now to become a mommy too- so amazing :)

We made a little more progress in the nursery. I know this project is taking longer than some other nursery project but when I do the 'nursery reveal' post you will understand why.

Among other things happening this month- My cousin's birthday, back to school time (although this really means nothing to me at this particular juncture) and the start of fall (although sometimes I wish summers would last forever).

So what's on my birthday wish list (you know just in case you wanted to send me presents :))

#1 A healthy, safe delivery.
#2 A healthy, happy baby.
#3 Health and prosperity for my {entire} family and me.

I know this list is kind of not what you were expecting... right? But it's true. Sometimes these things worry me which is completely irrational at times but I really do worry about these things. Now to the materialistic stuff...

#1 Lot's of BuyBuybaby and Babies R Us gift cards. I still have so much I want to buy for my little bit. There are a ton of cute baby stuff out there!

#2 A new wardrobe. Yea- I'm going to be in awkward sizes for a little while longer so it's probably not a good idea to buy new clothes just yet- but I long to be a glam mama.

#3 A Seafood feast birthday dinner. I doubt this will happen anytime remotely close to my birthday but a girl can dream.

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  1. That feast looks delicious! Congrats to approaching the big day and what a blessing that God will give you s healthy baby for your birthday!


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