Friday, September 2, 2011

Week In Review

So, I've been MIA for a little bit. And I can't say that I'm back to posting daily until a little normalcy returns.

The past weekend's hurricane didn't wreak havoc in my household too much. My hubby had us completely prepared from lots of bottled water to a fridge full of food. Our roof leaked filling up a 5 gallon bucket in our bedroom and a smaller bucket in the kitchen and dining room. I was a little nervous about it at first but then I saw how some households were completely flooded in other towns and counted my blessings.

So to survive being shut in during the threat of a hurricane- I baked (of course I didn't get pictures of my world famous brownies) and we started our preparations to get ready for a baby:

That bear is absolutely freaking adorable! So we got the car seat and stroller set-up. It's not yet installed in my hubby's car, but we're working our way there. We also set up the baby's bassinet- so now baby can come home and sleep.

My living room still looks kind of a mess. There are shower gifts thrown all over the living room. Well not thrown about- it's neatly stacked, I'm just overwhelmed. The nursery isn't 100% ready so I can't really put anything in there any way. I come from a life of procrastination so I'm not surprised that the nursery isn't 100% ready and I'm not freaking out about it. I think I am baking a procrastinator too... let me explain.

Monday morning hubby and I went to work as normal. I got home earlier than he and did my usual milling about. I have a ton on my to do list so I decided to organize all of the baby's things. I never got to open all my gifts at my shower (we ran out of time having way too much fun) so I went through every.single.thing and organized it by category: toys, clothes, bottle, baby care, etc. My hubby came home and started cooking dinner (I love that guy!) and all was normal. Until I had to go to the bathroom. Without giving you the gory details when I stood up there was a gush of liquid... o_o

My thoughts: Okay, panic...
My words: "WHAT IN THE WORLD!"

My thoughts: Don't panic- you are pregnant, you are full term, this is normal- but did my water just break?
Hubby's words: "Babe, you okay? What's going on in there?" ~ from outside the bathroom door.

Me: Uhhh I think my water may have broken but I can't tell
Hubby: Lemme check

I'd like to continue to tell you what happened as it is very funny, but I'll spare you- and no hubby did not touch me or anything that came out of me. After a very funny couple of seconds he called my doctor and she told him to take me to the hospital to get checked. So I hopped in the shower, while hubby turned off the stove, and we were off.

Of course we had to take every detour known to man in order - stupid Irene. I didn't have a single contraction the whole time but the baby was moving like crazy! I thought for sure "holy crap we're gonna have a baby and I didn't even wash the baby's clothes!"

We finally arrived and as we walked past the security desk and through the halls everyone looked very excited for us and yelled Congratulations!

I had to pee like a racehorse and as soon as we made it to the unit, they ushered me into the bathroom- "and while you're there give us a sample!"

I got hooked up to monitors asked a million questions by 4 different people and waited.

Then I feel like I had the worse experience of my life. The resident checked my membranes to see if it was still intact or if my water had in fact broken. I don't know why a visual inspection was necessary- but OMG! Let's put it this way. I thought I was going to try to tough it out naturally for a while (at least until about 5-8 centimeters) and  I have COMPLETELY scratched that idea. Because I couldn't tell if I was still leaking or not they have to check- and he said he "thinks" it's still in tact.

Let me pause for a moment. While, I have an understanding that residents need to learn in order to become attendings (or go into private practice) I did NOT appreciate him saying "I think". I've been a "medical student" and know what it's like for people to not trust you or give you a chance just because you are learning but this guys was very reassuring. Plus he told me I was still only a centimeter dilated and 50% effaced.. DUDE! I've been that way for 2 weeks!

"FINE!" we'll just go home then, besides I didn't wash any of the baby's clothes. I felt a huge wave of disappointment and relief at the same time. So, I got my discharge papers and was headed out the door but not before the nurse told me I was having contractions every 2 to 4 minutes and I could be back later tonight or next week. What?! I didn't feel a single thing! She said that was normal and to come back if I leak or I have contractions that hurt. :(

By now it's late (even later than that clock says) and we are starving, dinner is ruined, and we are exhausted. We pulled into the nearest McDonald's, went home and ate. Shortly there after we were sleep.

The next morning wasn't the easiest. In fact we both slept through our alarm clocks and rolled back over. I honestly didn't want to be alone so I was super relieved when hubby told me he was going to let his boss know he wasn't coming in. After another long nap, we woke up and started our day- with our baby in my belly.

We got a few more errands done and had a (very good) late lunch in the park. I think my hubby was trying to walk the baby out of me but I enjoyed every moment of it. The weather was beautiful, the park was peaceful, and for one of the last times ever it was just me and him.

Then we went home and I washed the baby's clothes, lol! Hubby cooked an amazing dinner (again) and did some more work in the baby's room.

The next day we made it work. At it was my final day at work. There wasn't a lot of hoopla or pomp and circumstance- in fact I just ended up coming home with 4 years of accumulated personal effects (and I didn't even bring everything). Now, starts the hard part- alone everyday waiting to become a mommy. I'm going to have an extremely hard time staying out of Babies 'R Us, Buy Buy baby, and Target. I'm going to get bored of these walls and probably end up at some random location to keep myself occupied. Or maybe I will surprise myself and enjoy preparing my nest at home.

So it's official...

We're having a September baby! The count down to baby's arrival is going to be exhaustive. My husband is sooo anxious and I feel like we need more time. Honestly... I can't wait to hold my sweet little baby in my arms.


  1. We're almost there! I have to finish putting stuff away in the nursery too, and keep telling myself that she's waiting to come until I get it done. I also did the car seat and bassinet/PNP last night!

    Sorry for the false alarm, but I bet your baby will be here very soon...for real this time! ;)

  2. Oh what an adventurous false alarm! Baby will definitely make her/his debut when she is ready:-) I think the waiting part is the worst hopefully you get a lot done before he/she is here!


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