Monday, October 7, 2013

Mind Right Monday: October

So yea, I haven't done this for 5 months... since April! And Dani has completely abandoned me too. But I'm back- at least for the 3 remaining months of 2013. Did I just say there were only 3 months of 2013 left?!

Goals for this month:

- Exercise for a minimum one day per week. Hubby and I have worked out a new schedule to accommodate his evening classes and this gives me at least one but probably more nights per week in the evening to head to the gym. NO EXCUSES!

- Give away a blog business card. To someone... anyone.

- 3 a week blog posts. My goal is to keep at it this month. This blog isn't going to write itself!

-More progress on baby books. I' almost finished with the first year. The hard part is going to be his actual 12th month. We did so much during that time so organizing all of that on top of my wordiness with his first birthday party is going to be a big task.

- Switch out my summer clothes for warmer weather ones. I'm reluctant but it's time to embrace the season change- even though fall clearly hasn't gotten the memo:

But really... I'm not complaining. I'm actually kind of glad it's not frigid right now!

I'm grateful for:

- Another birthday. Not too many people get those and I'm lucky to have had another one. Chile... don't get me to crying up in here!

- My husband. We getting ready to celebrate 5 years as a married couple!!! The time really did fly by. I can't believe we've been together for nearly 9 years. Whoa.

- Having a job. I spend way too much money. More than I care to admit and probably should. Having a job allows this and for that I'm grateful. Not everyone has that.

-My medication. Allergies are seriously kicking my butt. Not cool allergies, not cool.

- Health Insurance. Whoa- did I just go there. Yep I did... but don't worry this isn't turning into some political forum. But because of my allergies I'm at the doctor every two weeks and it's not fun- at all. It's very costly, and in fact my insurance company just sent me a notice that they have a support group for people with my condition. Clearly they are tired of me too.


- Increase water intake, I've been slacking on this severely and I need to change that.
Hmm, this is always hit or miss. Someday's I do great and then there are others where I just plain don't feel like running to the bathroom every 5 minutes.

- Give away a blog business card. I've had cards for my blog for a while. I'm pretty sure the only reason I ordered them is because they were free. The last time I shared one with someone was in May of 2012 so essentially they are collecting dust right now.
Nope, not at all. In fact although this was my intention I never even bother to dig them out of the drawer they are buried in. Shameful. 

- 3 a week blog posts.
Yay! I'm so happy to be back to blogging. I can't promise regular posts from here on out but as long as I plan properly and don't get swamped at work- I'm golden!

-More progress on baby books.
So I definitely made progress on these but the first year still isn't entirely complete. But in an effort to not fall too far behind I've already starting working on year two. I plan to do them a little differently this year since he will have two full years of books. I think I want to do more of a family year book now.

-Start working on Mother's Day gifts for the moms in my life. I know it's 6 weeks away but I tend to be too last minute with things and I hate it, so I'm making a change!
Ok, so although Mother's Day was ages ago- I didn't quite pull off the gift that I had in mind. There's always Christmas, right?!

2.5 out of 7... shameful, considering I had 4 month to get 'er done! No, worries. Next month I got this.

If you have any goals or plans for the month, please share! I'd love to hear about them :)

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  1. October came right on in and I've been enjoying it so much I haven't even organized my goals yet. So, thanks for the reminder to do so and good luck this month with your goals.

    I can't believe we only have three months left either.

  2. I've been expanding my monthly goals to include more than just hair and I really enjoyed yours! The whole blog business card thing cracked me up because I'll give a billion out if I'm not in Nashville, but here I'm very reluctant for whatever reason. Last week at the MAC counter a lady said to her friend & me: I need to buy a bun like that, yours is so cute! Firstly I was freakin flattered that a post workout bun could be mistaken as one of those perfect ones you buy in the store but I told her, girl its easy just pull your hair up, wrap and pin! She said "Yeah but my hair isn't like yours" I smiled and said "Trust me it can be, check out my site (handed business card." I'm getting more and more comfortable doing that and once I started it seems like the opportunities kept coming, so I keep handing out! lol


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