Monday, April 1, 2013

Mind Right Monday: April

Another month has gone by. Time really seems to be flying for me. I know I say that often and parents of little ones can probably relate. I was once told that parenthood is where the days are long and the years are short.

So true!!

Goals for this month:

- Increase water intake, I've been slacking on this severely and I need to change that.

- Give away a blog business card. I've had cards for my blog for a while. I'm pretty sure the only reason I ordered them is because they were free. The last time I shared one with someone was in May of 2012 so essentially they are collecting dust right now.

- 3 a week blog posts.

-More progress on baby books.

-Start working on Mother's Day gifts for the moms in my life. I know it's 6 weeks away but I tend to be too last minute with things and I hate it, so I'm making a change!

- Organize my clothes.

- Complete at least half of this:

I'm grateful for:

- Being alive. We had a slightly scary situation last night. We were hanging out way too late being out of town and visiting relatives. Well w took our late night trip back home and ended up with a flat tire in the middle of the highway at about midnight. No one was happy plus it was a misty light rain going on. However hubby changed the flat in no time and we were back on our way. Plus, we made it home safely and for that I'm grateful.

- Holidays. We had the best Easter weekend!! I hoping to recap it on Friday (see my goals above) although I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked to.

- I love this site! I use it for price comparison, online shopping, and product reviews. I know it may seem silly but I think it has saved em so much money when determining products to buy and which will work best for me.

- God's Grace. I received some absolutely devastating news over the weekend and the only thing that has bought me through was the Grace of God. And with that I know it will all be okay.

- Safe travels. My goal for our vacation post is the last week in April... editing takes forevah!!! But here's a sneak peak :)


- Make some additional progress on the little guy's baby books. Yaas! Another book done and ordered. It should actually come in the mail today!!! And the best part.... it was free! Shutterfly sent me a coupon for a free photo book and I immediately went on to order. Okay, not immediately but as soon as I could. I just paid for shipping and additional pages. I also got a free mug courtesy of Pampers! I finished two more books and am waiting on some promo/coupon codes to order them.

- 3 a week blog posts. I hate falling behind and losing information. Almost. I was soo close but vacation kind of threw me off a bit. 

-Clean windows in Master Bedroom. Done! Can I be honest with you?? I want to hire a cleaning service so bad. I'm not the world's hugest fan of cleaning and I'd rather be enjoying time with my little guy.

-Get Easter outfits prior to the night before Easter. Last year it was bad. Well I managed to pick up a few things for my son's ensemble on Thursday evening. So, technically it wasn't the day before Easter but I was still cutting it a little close. It wasn't what I had in mind in terms of being prepared but it wasn't a total fail either.

- Safe travels. (more on this later). Yes, and thank goodness. I can't wait to share our story with you. I started working on it and hope to be finished and publish it this month.

- Make 4 new recipes and document it. Yes, and No! My plan was to do step by step pictures and instructions but I always, always forget. But at least I did 4 recipes!!

-Start a plan for a guest post. I was invited by a momtographer blogger to do a guest post and I am oh so excited!! Ebs invited me to do one and I failed miserably so I want to follow through with this. No :(

5.5 out of 7... getting better!

If you have any goals or plans for the month, please share! I'd love to hear about them :)

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