Monday, October 28, 2013

My 5 favorite toddler apps

1. Montessori Counting Board: This app was introduced to us about a year ago and we still love it today. Essentially, the app is helping children to count using squares. It starts off with 3 squares and as your child touched each one the app counts out loud. Every board adds another square until they reach 10 (this can be modified in the settings). At first my little guy was only interested in hearing the words of encouragement after finsihing every board but now he counts aloud as he counts the squares!

2. Starfall ABC's: Both my friend and my cousin's girlfriend introduced this to me. I love it because it reinforces letter recognition. Buggy knows his alphabet so I like that the app introduces items that begin with the specific letter that he chooses. (A= apple, airplane, etc.)

3. Phony Phone by BabyCenter: Another freind recomendation (her little guy is a year and 2 weeks younger). My child thinks he is really calling somebody when he uses this. He even says "Hello!"... "Good!"... "Bye-Bye!". I'm pretty sure he's answering the question :How are you?" when he says 'good'. Cracks me up every time!

4. Watch Disney Junior: This app has been a lifesaver of sorts. We don't use it often so I couldn't really tell you how often the appisodes update but I use it when I need him to settle down in a pinch (doctor's office, at work, you know- that last minute come in and swoop down and keep him quiet)!

5. FaceTime: Okay, I know- this isn't your traditional "toddler app" but we use this more than any other app made specifically for toddlers. Since we moved away from our family and friends we use this to keep in touch. Sure, a phone call will do but because our little guy was so young- I wanted him to be able to remeber his family by face and not be scared when we do get to see them face- to-face. Whenver he sees an iPad laying about he will "slide to unlock" and say "Call Pa-Pa!"

Now- this isn't a comprehensive list. But these are 5 of my go-to apps whenever he gets iPad time. We limit his iPad activity to very long daytime car rides and we are home alone with the tot and absolutely need him to be still. Hope you will find something that you can use!

What are your favorite apps that you use for your littles?

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  1. Been looking for good apps for our little one. Thanks so much for sharing!


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