Friday, October 18, 2013

It's Friday Y'all! (and I got 5 on it)

TGIF!!!! You all may have had a short week due to the Columbus day holiday- but I didn't. I carried my butt to work. At least I do earn a vacation day for showing up when the rest of the world (or a good portion of it) was off.

1. Hubby and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary last week. Thanks for all the love on FB and IG. Earlier this year when I was thinking about the upcoming wedding anniversary it kind of threw me by surprise that we've been married for 5 years. 5 years seems like a long time in theory but in practice- it's not!

2. I am desperately trying to refrain from entering this contest.
I almost did it last year but missed the deadline by a few days. Although I'm not a fan of contests where you solicit votes based on looks. It's just not cool. We did it once, we won, and that's good enough.

3. My son gets to wear his Halloween costume at least 3 times this year! I'm happy because you get more wear for your dollar.

3.1 Speaking of Halloween. My son needs  a Halloween costume. I know Pinterest has a ton of ideas but I'm not sold on anything yet. I don't want him to be anything scary, and I sort of do not want an out of the box costume, but not really make it... you know what I mean?

4. Speaking of picking out clothes, I need to plan our annual family pictures. I'm having all sorts of trouble including finding a photographer to shoot the style that I want, scheduling issues (cause we haven't a free weekend in months), and poor clothing choices.... Help!

5. Lastly, I got awarded. And I'm actually pretty excited about this one.

It's from for my working on my son's first birthday party! While I knew that there are other people who care about throwing well thought out parties- I feel so honored to be chosen to be recognized by a company who specializes in just that! This not only made me smile but fueled my passion. Look out Mom! I'm turning your dining room into a Thanksgiving smorgasbord this year!

5.1 Okay this really has nothing to do with number 5- but I couldn't stop there either. This weekend we are staying in town. No road trips, no 3 hour drives, no rushing... and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it!

This post is included in the 5 on Friday link up with Darci @ The good life blog

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  1. popped on over from the linkup, and i'm excited to be a new follower! yay!!!

    happy (late) 5 year anny!!! i started dating my husband just over 5 years ago. you are so right! it really is fleeting in practice. MANY more years of growing ahead.

    happy friday!

  2. Happy 5-year anniversary. It's definitely a milestone to celebrate. We've been married 4 years and I know exactly what you mean about feeling like a lot but not really.

    I hope you have a great time celebrating

    YAY for wearing your halloween costume more than one, hope he enjoys it.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

    As for the Halloween costumes... I am so excited that my kids will get FOUR wears out of them this year!!! YES! Why does that make me so happy?!

  4. Happy Anniversary! 5-years does go by fast especially when you are having a great time with your husband.

    Have you decided on a costume for your little one?

    Congrats on the award. Way to go! I enjoy reading your posts and the party looked awesome. It is definitely well deserved!


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