Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

I haven't wrapped up a weekend on my blog since I was pregnant!

This weekend we took baby boy on his first road trip! I was actually a little nervous about traveling with a 12 week old (OMGosh he's 12 weeks now?!) especially because I've never travelled with a baby before and I was afraid of forgetting something important.

There were two wrenches thrown in the plan before we even left! First, we learned that we wouldn't be staying in a house but rather a hotel, second we had no heat Thursday night. Aye yai yai!

This trip was planned for pleasure. Hubby's alter ego had an event this weekend in Massachusetts. So, since I'm on maternity leave we decided to make this trip Baby Boy's second time leaving the state....ROADTRIP!!!! So we packed up the new mom wagon and headed out. My plan was to spend all day Thursday packing and getting prepared to leave. Whenever I leave my house for more than one night, I like to leave it nice, clean, and spotless so that when I return I can focus on unpacking rather than unpacking AND cleaning. Well much to my dismay we ran out of oil :(  Yep, I leave in a house that still has oil heat... yes I know that's really old school... no we are not upgrading the heating system anytime soon. So my plan for all day prep went right out the window as we bunked with my parents on Thursday- I couldn't have my little guy freezing his tookus off!

So Friday morning I was in a frenzy. I had made a packing list ahead of time so that helped but I hate being rushed because I always forget something. Let me tell you- packing  a baby is no easy feat. I ended using a miniature suitcase for all his clothes, blankets, bibs, and burp cloths; one of his diaper bags for all of his bottles, water, and formula; another diaper bag for diapers and wipes, and yet another diaper bag to stay in the front of the car with us on the road. I know anyone else who received three diaper bags would have returned at least one- but I didn't. I knew they would come in handy at some point and I like the fact of being able to switch up diaper bags every so often. It prevents the diaper bag from becoming too worn and there is a lot less wear and tear on them- hence lasting longer! All those bags plus a pack and play for him to sleep in was a little overwhelming. I had spent so much time packing him that I barely was able to get my stuff together. Men don't require much so he put some drawers and a toothbrush in a bag and asked me was I ready. Oy vey! I ended up using an unnecessarily big suitcase for a two night trip because a) we never thought about the baby needing a suitcase and b) the baby was using my 'weekender' bag.

*Note to self: get baby boy a suitcase of his own before our next trip*

Baby boy slept the whole 4 hour drive! Well almost. 30 minutes before we arrived at the hotel he did wig out cause he was hungry so hubby pulled over, I hoped in the back seat and fed him. After that he immediately feel back asleep. I wish I had taken some pictures of this part of our trip but of course I didn't.

We got to the hotel, checked in and decided to explore downtown. We were in Amherst Mass. and while hubby had been there before he never got to hit the town. Insert reason why I hate being rushed here ---->

I left his winter coat romper thingy. Shoot!  I remember having it in my hands so why wasn't it in the suitcase? It was about 39o out and I didn't have his winter coat. So I had to wrap him in a bunch of blankets in order to make it work. *another note to self: never ever ever plan on packing the day before- Murphy's law* Despite this little snafoo we actually had a good time in downtown Amherst, Mass. That night the college band was playing in the center of town and Santa Claus drove in on the fire truck! It was pretty cool and they band was actually pretty good. It also seemed as if they had a lot of support because the street (though small) was packed!

I spotted a shop called... actually I have no idea what it was called but it was a creperie. I've only had crepes twice in my life. First was when hubby (back then he was my boyfriend) and I was in Paris and the last time I had a crepe was on our first anniversary cruise- so I needed to go in and have a crepe. Again, I failed to take pictures of the place (that definitely would have helped me remember the name) or any of the cure little details about the shop (it was Paris themed... of course!) but in a stroke of genius I actually got a picture of the crepe!

Mine was bananas with caramel sauce and whipped cream topped with nuts

I can't recalled what hubby had but it came with two scoops of gingerbread gelato... yum! O and you see that nifty little Nikon next to his plate? Yea, we'll talk!

The crepes were tasty and nostalgic. But our little guy wanted to keep moving- luckily he let us finish first. After perusing the streets for a little while longer we headed back to the hotel. While hubby got ready for a panel discussion I attempted to put baby to sleep. Boy was this extremely difficult. I'm not sure if he knew he was in unfamiliar surroundings but he would not go to sleep an stay sleep. It really did take what seemed like forever to get him to go to sleep. Then when I would put him down, he would wake up after 10 minutes. The night before I had done all of his middle of the night feedings so I was exhausted and really couldn't play up and down with baby all night so after getting him down for the umpteenth time, I layed him on my chest and we slept together. I really wanted to stop doing that because I go back to work next month.... (crap!) but I was desperate for some sleep. I heard hubby come in the hotel room but I could barely open my eyes. Once he put the pack and play together he took the baby off my chest and layed him down. At that point I did get up to put on my PJ's and talk to hubby for a bit but we both quickly fell asleep.

The next day was more sightseeing and hanging out before hubby's show. I actually had to run to Target to get some soap and a bottle brush to wash his bottles with (see I hate being rushed!) and I came back with a small little haul for baby boy.

We attempted to have lunch at a Chinese food restaurant and all went well expect two things. 1. They didn't have a changing station in the bathroom ::FACEPALM:: so I ended up changing him on a chair outside of the restaurants banquet room hallway and 2. All h*ll broke loose in the parking lot as we were leaving. Let's just say hysterically crying baby + vomiting mommy = embarrassed dad.

We headed back to the hotel for a nap before hubby's show. At the show my little guy behaved pretty well. I was scared that he would be terribly disruptive (actually just a normal 2 month old) and we would miss the whole thing. He was sleeping when the show first started and the first round of applause's scared the stew out of him and he immediately began to holla! But that was no biggie because we made friends with another mommy and her cute as can be 7 month old baby girl. We ended up chatting it up through the entire show! Baby boy did watch his dad perform and I think he kind of liked it :)

The rest of our stay went pretty smoothly and I'm kind of sad that we're back home so soon. Once we got back we put up baby boy's first Christmas tree (post to come) and after that hubby was off to another performance (in-state this time...such a hard worker!)

I'd say our first road trip was a success, which is great because we have another coming up at the end of the month...


  1. So I've never had crepes but those look delish! And I'm so glad you guys had a good trip. I'm the same way with packing and cleaning, it just make it so much easier to have it all planned out and a nice clean house.

  2. What a fun weekend!!! You had me cracking up with your re-telling. The suitcase thing is a good point, I would've never thought of that if I had a kid. *lightbulb* You are saving me SO much trouble for when I have one of my own by creating this blog!

    Tell hubby I request my own special poem for my blog? Can I do that since I know you? ;) Its a challenge to do a hair one!


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