Friday, December 30, 2011

Blog Jacked

By my baby boy and his daddy :)

I've gotten a few questions about the author of my Christmas letter.  Well my incredibly poetic husband help my incredibly handsome little boy compose a letter to his mommy. It was the best Christmas present ever!!! I'm not surprised that the hubby was able to translate baby because that's his best buddy.

Sorry that the watermark is dead center of the pic. But this is during a naptime

playing air guitar to Bon Jovi... while napping

watching TV... while playing words with friends

Yep, these two are best buddies... and I thank them both for my Christmas letter :)

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  1. It was BEAUTIFUL! I love that it was a surprise too! I'm so glad that you will have it forever since its electronic too!

    That last pic is my favorite, baby boy really looks like he's just as into the TV program as Daddy!


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