Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

I'm on the hunt for baby boy's first Christmas ornament.

In the past couple years I've really become interested in Christmas tree ornaments. Growing up, my mom used to decorate the tree in 'color' themes. I remember one year she did an amazing all red Christmas tree that included red and gold ornaments, candy canes, little red bows, and the tree topper was a beautiful burgundy bow. I hope I can find a picture of this to show you. While my mom's Christmas trees were very pretty- we never really used specialty ornaments. I'm not sure why- we just didn't.

While in undergrad I worked for Victoria's Secret. One year the holiday display included a HUGE Christmas tree that was filled with VS ornaments. When it was time to take the display down my manager told use the ornaments were going to go in the garbage (I think that's right- unless they sent them back to the branding department). So each of the ladies who closed the store grabbed an ornament and there began my obsession. In hindsight I wish I would have grabbed at least two. You see I was still living with my parents back then and my mom refuses to relinquish the VS ornament to me. I'm not mad about it at all as that was a part of my life when their house was my house so I think it's rightful place is with my parents tree. But it's so pretty I want one for my tree! Since then I have been trying to collect ornaments that reflect some of the important things that make me who I am. Now, I don't go over board and collect an ornament from every place I've travel, every store I shop, etc. That's what magnets are for.

One of my favorite ornaments is an two-parter (if that makes sense). The ornament is basically a pair of mittens that says 'friends' on one side and 'forever' on the other. I have one mitten and my bestie has the other... so sweet! I also have ornaments for the year hubby and I got married ('Our first Christmas'), the place where hubby and I work ( I've been there almost 4 years and he's been there almost 6), and a coca-cola ornament I won as a free gift from the Coca-Cola factory.

So now that you know the FULL back story of my recent obsession with ornaments- you'll understand why baby boy's first ornament is so important.

 I want something classic, timeless, personalized, and not cheesy.

Not Cool (I apologize if you have this ornament)

I'm leaning towards something more like

photo credit

It's clean, modern, timeless, and sleek. I also like this

photo credit

but I think this signifies more of a baby born during the Christmas season- but I still like it.

So, what do you think? Which ornament would you order? Or do you have an even better ornament suggestion. Feel free to leave any links in the comments!


  1. I like the crystal ornament, so clean and timeless.

    My sister in law sew a Christmas sock for Miss AOI, a friend bought baby first Christmas piggy bank.

    I hope you find the right ornament :).

  2. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I have my Christmas playlist goin on my ipod in the car (Damon gave Vivian an upgrade so I can use an iPod in her! lol).

    I like the photo 1st Christmas ornaments...they are so cute to me!


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