Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Christmas Letter to Mommy!

Dear Mommy,

So I know I don’t understand the full concept of this Christmas thing yet, and of course I had to dictate everything in this letter for Daddy to type because my hand control is, well, let just call it ‘entertaining” at best, I have learned enough about today to know that I wanted to make sure to say a few things to you in this letter before the day is over.  It was kind of hard explaining everything to Daddy since he doesn’t always understand my oooo oo aaa oo aaaaaaaa grrrrr language.  It’s ok, I continue to work on him.  I’m gonna train him to be just the way I need him!  But anyway…back to my letter to you.

I have learned enough about today to know two things:

#1 Today is  a very special day for several reasons, and we celebrate it every year! (can’t wait till next year!)
#2 It’s nice to do things for people in order to let them know you care about them and love them!

So, with #2 (not poopie #2) in full effect, and since I’m a little financially challenged (Dad wouldn’t let me have open access to the charge cards just yet) I decided this letter would be a good way to tell you some important things.

Most important, I love you very much!  You make me smile every morning when I wake up and see you there with me.  Don’t let anyone tell you that these smiles are gas!  These are genuine smiles dang gummit! Wait! Who said gum it? I love gumming my fingers….mmmm….my fingers…oh sorry, I lost my focus for a second!  Back to my thoughts…

For 40 weeks and 1 day you carried me around everywhere you went.  And I know, it’s a bit challenging that I still want you to carry me around everywhere you go, but hey…I’m a little attached!  It’s all out of love, I promise.  I have been listening to your voice and your heart beat since I was a little poppy seed, and they are the sweetest sounds I have ever heard.  Your voice makes me smile, you heart beat comforts me in my sleep.  And let me tell you, lady…you make a mean bottle!  I’m excited about cereal soon though! It’s hard to fill up this belly on a completely liquid diet!

When Daddy explained to me that I needed to help him pick out a Christmas present for you, I was like “ummm, grrr, ooooo, ahhhhh, ooohhhh ohh oh (burp).”  So then he gave me a few options and I smiled at “CJ charm bracelet.”  So he got some brochures from the jeweler and I helped him pick out a few pieces that represent me mostly (I mean it is called the CJ Charm Bracelet for a reason) and some that represent you, the most important women in my life!  First, it was easy to choose the sapphire charm…who loves September babies??? Me and you do! LOL.  Second, we settled on the baby boy charm.  That rational is obvious…I will spare the details.  Third, I picked out a guardian angel for you since I want you to be watched over, protected, and blessed for your whole life.  Fourth I helped Daddy pick out the dance shoes…since it was dance class that you and I jumped around in for months and then I got to co-star in the dance revue in June.  So while no one actually saw my face, I was definitely visible from the back row! (What, I’m chubby…sue me lol).  And last, we picked out the Mom charm with the trinity on it.  We did that for two reasons.  The first was that you are a new mom…and despite all the challenges associated with  that (and a few more challenges that come from simply being my Mom), you have been fantastic at it and Daddy and I both appreciate you more than ever.  We love being ‘your guys.”  The second reason we chose that charm was because it also had a trinity on it and this being Christmas, we figured that was appropriate.  I know that today has something to do with some baby, and his parents, and him being born in a barn and doing great things with his life.  Dad said he would help teach that to me later when I can read.  Is it a Doctor Seuss book?  Because I LOVE One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish!

So know that you got the charm bracelet, I hope you enjoy it and get the meaning of all the little charms.  There’s plenty of room left and Daddy told me that I can pick out charms for Mother’s Day every year!  I told him to get that Amex ready! Cha-Ching on the Bling Mom!

So in closing, I know its not the easiest job in the world, and the thank you’s are few and far between (until I can actually talk) but I thank you for being the greatest Mom I could have asked for.   Daddy told me that you used to get worried about being a good mom because you didn’t think you had it in you.  Well he told me that you have definitely become super mom and taken on new strengths that are simply amazing.  He even told me that he never would’ve have thought that you would have been the patient parent more than him! You should be proud of that…because we both know Dad never admits to losing a contest! LOL!  So again, I know I’m challenging…and I know it’s pretty annoying when I play nice for others so they think you lie about how tough it is to be with me all day every day! But hey…I’m so dog gone cute that no one can be frustrated with me for long lol! And yes, I apologize for all the fits I throw in the car. Let’s not talk about that any further.  One day we can all look back on those challenging moments and laugh.  If not, just remember, I’m cute J wink.

So, to put it simply, thank you…and I love you.  You are the best! And Merry Christmas Mommy!

Love CJ

And PS: to all my Mommy’s blog readers out there with little girls at home, tell them I said “heeeey laaaadieeees…you know CJ loooves the ladies.” wink.


  1. Wow, did you write this?! It is so beautifully written, I love it!

  2. CJ you are so cool I would like to know you better when I get older in I am visiting your neighbourhood.

    Kiss, Miss AOI

    ____________The Mrs, did you read what Miss AOI just wrote? we can't leave our blog space to these youngsters, they take over and make their own :)


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