Friday, December 2, 2011

Transitioning Tales

I don't like this... not one bit.

But I guess it has to be done.

You see I'm a first time mom (FTM). And first time moms- well at least this first time mom- are extra doty (if that's a word) on their first borns. This is not to say that subsequent children won't be subjected to millions of kisses daily, or extreme cuddle time 25/7 but I've never had anything this cute and squishy to hold that was mine! And I cherish every.single.moment. Yea, the hubby helped so I guess I have to share but you get my point. In case you don't my point is I love having my baby boy with me 24/7!

So I'm a little saddened by this:

Yea that's right my little guy is transitioning to his crib... insert sad face here.

okay, I'm the one with the sad face... but isn't his cute?? I hope he doesn't start to realize that I'll give in to that face...

I know a lot of mommies, including FTM's start their babies sleeping in their own rooms from the night they bring baby home. But that isn't the case with me. I feel strongly about rooming-in, I don't care how much preparation went into their nurseries- they will get plenty of sleep in there, just not right away. I also breastfed baby and it was much easier for me to reach over and get my baby than get out of bed and walk down the hall. Plus I read an article that said the more upset a baby gets during the night, the longer it could take to put them back down. Meaning if they have to cry real loud to get your attention (from being in the room down the hall) or even get worked up to a cry by time you get there- then it will take a little longer for them to calm back down once their needs are met.

However, this wonderful closeness to mommie can't last forever- but I didn't think it would come so quick. I started to put baby boy in his crib for daytime naps to no avail. He would wake up as he felt himself being lowered into the crib. Then at the point when I could lower him without waking him- his eyes would fly right open as soon as his little hiney touched the crib mattress. *Sigh* I mean in all reality I didn't care much at first. But then I realized that one day he will out grow the bassinet and then what?

Someone suggested that the crib environment is very different from the bassinet environment. The bassinet is way cozier and softer than the crib. So, I put down a few cozy blankets and tried to make him feel as though he was surrounded in the same manner as the bassinet. Yes, I know "O! the horror!" There isn't supposed to be anything in the crib, and babies canNOT sleep on their tummies. While their reports are well meaning these people* have never tried to put my son to sleep in his crib. So I made it as comfortable as possible for him and with some patience he took a nap in his crib!

He hasn't done it since that one successful time earlier this week but I'll keep at it. And in the meantime, I'll enjoy waking up in the middle of the night, sitting up, and seeing my little sweetness sound asleep- right next to mommie.

* Please note- I am in no way intending to undermine the recommendations of the AAP or the families who have lost their beloved babies to suffocation, entrapment, strangulation, or SIDS. I take the recommendations and experiences of others very seriously and intend to protect the welfare of my child. I monitor him during these naps to make sure we aren't victims of very unfortunate circumstances.


  1. Love the disclaimer! Honestly, I understand the "precautions" as well - but they do seem a bit unrealistic IMO. Makes complete sense about them taking longer to put down if they are more upset; adults are the same way. If we wake ALL the way up, we take longer to fall back asleep!

  2. He is sooo cute :).

    I have been thinking about when is time to do the crib transition with Miss AOI, it might be difficult for me because I love to know she is in the same room as me and it easy to breastfeed in the night. I still have time because she is just two weeks and I can wait till she eight weeks before reconsidering the transition :).

  3. Good for you starting the transitioning, I'm definitely not looking forward to it. Our bassinet top clips off and we've put it in the crib with my other two children to help with the transition. Just a suggestion if you can swing it. It might help your little one.


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