Thursday, November 29, 2012


It's no secret that I love photography and I want so desperately to be a momtographer. I'm inspired daily by many mom blogger's I follow and of course Pinterest. Since my last plea for a camera of my own I don't have any updates until in recent weeks when I've taken over hubby's camera. Here's the catch- I can only shoot in manual. Don't ask why but the 'automatic' feature on the camera just doesn't work. So I've enlisted the help of my brother and godfather to help me through this.

So far all of my pictures have stunk!

I mean can it not get any worse? I've been trying to do some online research to help me get better but I have to divide my time accordingly- know what I mean? So, in honor of my instagram birthday- yes, it's my instagram birthday!!!

I'm sharing some of those here.

(From top left)

Salvation Army, Trucks!, who stole the cookies from the cookie jar, daddy's home!,, baby fever, barnes & noble, chipotle, I really don't want to delete any of the 3,000+ pictures off my phone even if they are backed up in 3 different locations, where the sidewalk ends.

dinner time!, blog update, our daily walk, he loves veggies, fruits, and apps, shrimpfest, halloween, something I want to try, he's going to be looking for that, our junior firefighter, desperately trying to meet Faith IRL.

Okay, so you use IG but don't follow me yet? Send me a request!!! Just let me know that you did so because my photos are set to private (I'm scared of the stalkers). And, you use IG and want your own stats? I used it's a cool website that gives you all sorts of statistics- I use it just for fun and not all that often. Wait, you don't use instgram and don't really know what I'm talking about but liked looking at all the pretty pictures? You can view my IG photos via my facebook page- hop on over and "like me". Aaaaand if you can help out my photography skills- please do so!


  1. I wish I could help you with your photos but I need to get my stuff together. I have had my camera for over a year and have yet to take it out of auto. So, see you're already doing better than me. Yours is STUCK in manual!!! You have no choice but to work it!

  2. I am in no way a pro but I love taking pictures. I've stopped counting the number of cameras that I've had and that I have, but I currently use my little Canon Powershot, an old Sony Mavica (the one that uses cd-r), and I recently pictured a Nikon L810 Coolpix camera and I ADORE it!

    I think what matters is what you're taking a picture of and how you take it. Like, make sure you aren't FACING the sun and learning how to use the macro feature (that little flower button) when you want to take pictures close up. I generally don't use cameras with lenses because well, I'm not a photographer and I really don't want care to be. I may purchase a camera like that in the future.

    You may want to visit Veronica Armstrong's blog. She's pretty amazing.

  3. We're going to meet soon. Promise!


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