Monday, February 25, 2013

She Rocks: Red

Today, I'm linking up with TOI. I'm loving her new project and can't wait to participate.

Toi is an amazing mommy/lifestyle blogger with whom I happen to have a few things in common with. I enjoy her writing, photography, and her take on life. She isn't from America (unlike my self) and reading her blog is such a refreshing take on the international life. The best part is: she has a beautiful baby girl just a bit over two months younger than my little boy. I love sharing our sentiments on interracial marriage, raising a biracial child(ren), and our loving for baking :)

So, now that you have been formally introduced... lol... here's more about her project. Last year she started the "She Rocks" movement in which she invited her fellow women to write an essay in which the shared what keeps their individuality alive. Unfortunately  I never submitted an essay, well, because my writing kind of sucks. Plus, I'm not a good inspirational person period. But...Never fear! This year it's all about OUR interpretation of the theme. Once a month she provides a theme and then we (participants) can submit our interpretation of it via photos!

Now this is my cup of tea. I've already shared with you my love for photography and my desire to be my children's momtographer. These prompts are sure to get me moving and allow me to get some practice in. It isn't as intensive as the 356 challenge (fail!) so I'm on board!

Too much jabbering?? Yea, I tend to do that. This month's assignment was "Red and/or Love". This goes great with Valentine's Day and how we make it a special point to share and celebrate our love with others. So, without further ado, I present to you my interpretation of this month's theme! Okay, first let me say- these pictures were my second choice. My first choice picture needs lots of editing which I never seem to have the time for. Either way- be gentle :)

One of my Loves on a red bike. He's obsessed with forms of transportation.
I'm a totally foodie. Seafood is my favorite :)
If you have a minute you should hope on over to TOI's blog and check out hers :) Let me know what you think!

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  1. Awww, you are so sweet.

    this is such a cute entry of your love. You know your little guy is the cutest and that picture of him on the bike is priceless - one day he will come home with one :) The red lobster look delish. We wanted to go to red lobster for hubby's birthday, which was six days before San V, but couldn't because it was full house.


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