Saturday, January 7, 2012

TV hopping

Yes, this is our current TV situation. Yes, you should feel bad for us. You can see what our previous TV situation used to look like here. I'm not exactly sure what happened. It just went...kaput!

So my husband moved the TV in the kitchen to one of the end tables in the living room and plopped it in front of our old TV. But that's not it. When he goes back into the kitchen to cook or eat- he takes it with him! Sometimes I catch glimpses of him walking down the hallway, TV in hand and it is absolutely hilarious!

The good news is we get to upgrade our TV! :) The broken one is a floor model from quite a few years ago. I'm hoping to upgrade to something like this:

We can't have a real fireplace so an electric fireplace will suffice... for now. Plus it's a forced air heater so I can crack it up 'to knock the chill off' a time or two. And for the actual TV- this is my top choice. If you have time-check out the specs. Apparently 3D TVs are the next big thing crazy thing is this TV doesn't require dorky glasses to get the 3D effect! But that's not happening in this lifetime. And if you are bored one day and want to torture yourself please get to a Best Buy and sit in the home theater set ups (in front of that TV) and prepare to waste an entire afternoon (or morning or evening) staring in awe. We are going to wait for a major holiday sale and hope to score some major savings on a more reasonably priced one. But until then- we'll keep TV hopping.


  1. Awwww, I was literally laughing out loud! "Yes you should feel sorry for us"! I do! lmao!

    I'm not too up on TV prices but I know ebay and Groupon have daily deals on electronics, incl. TV's, and they look pretty decently priced to me. Just in case you didn't know!

  2. I am cracking up that he takes it with him when he goes to the kitchen!!


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