Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This week's obsession

It's no secret that I'm a crafty wannabe. I've always had an appreciation for creativity and the great things that come of it. I came across this blog while I was still trying to conceive and I completely forgot about it until it resurfaced in my twitter TL. Now that I think about it- I came across a lot of great things that were shared via the message boards- none of which I bookmarked, all of which I regret. But anyway to my point...

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I am so excited about the release of this book! Basically this mom would create scenes around her baby while she was napping based off what she thought the baby was dreaming about. I fell in like from the first time I saw this. She used only fabrics and household items to create the scenes and I am so impressed that she was able to do this without waking baby. Actually she explains this in her blog:

If you have a moment please hop on over and have a look see. While she has removed all of 'Mila's daydream photos' due to the insensitivity of a lot of people- you will get the gist of what she's done. I wish you could have seen it before mean people started stealing photos of her daughter (which is why I am deathly afraid of posting pictures of my little guy- thank goodness for watermarks) {but check out what is now her first post}. Also check out her FAQ page. It gives a lot of insight into how something so sweet ballooned out of control.

While you are browsing her FAQ page to understand what she, her daughter, and her blog has been through, i'd like to point out something I find to be a little "unfair" for lack of a better word. She talks about Finland's (where she's from) maternity package which contains clothes and other goodies for baby. And if you peruse the site a little further you will come across the maternity AND paternity leave allowance. While I understand American customs such as baby showers help the parents a lot with baby goodies I think their government is pretty supportive of mothers and new babies. Did you see that you may take maternity leave no more than 50 days before your due date and no later than 30?? I know some moms who didn't even get the standard 6 week leave but rather had to use PTO (personal time off) days. I'm not saying- I'm just saying

My hubby and I were very blessed to have supportive family and friends to help us celebrate the birth of our first born and we are truly grateful for everything we have been blessed with. I just find it nice that their government also celebrates with mom and dad rather than penalize. I am sure that Finland may have issues that Americans may not have ( I am in no way versed in wordly governments)- my husband always says "Yea, the grass is always greener on the other side". So I should be grateful for what I did receive... Now back to the regularly scheduled program.

It's no secret that I love good photography. I even want to start a photography project dedicated to my son this year - all which is why I'm excited about the release of the book. I know it takes me a while to get to the point. I love it when ideas come to life to be enjoyed for years to come. So the book release along with Jen's 365 tips, and Lacey's link to the helpful list, I think I may be able to pull off the Love Letters to my son. Wish me luck!


  1. Oh yay! Glad I could help! Good luck on your letters/pictures! We'll have to motivate each other to keep going...but we can do it! :P

  2. I really like it too! You know, the more I read your blog and find out what other mommy bloggers have done I feel inadequate. like...I've always said your blog is gonna help lots of non-mothers when its our turn, but I'm sitting her thinking OMG THAT'S A LOT OF WORK, and then feel like a terrible human being bc I blog about hair all day long! Sheesh, at least this is for your baby! lol!

    I think its a great idea, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. I am going to check that blog out, because it is so creative and inspirational. I take daily photos of Miss AOI so more ideas are bonus. Thanks for sharing :)


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