Sunday, January 15, 2012

4 months!

My oh my!

No longer a newborn :( You have accomplished so much in these few short months and we are looking forward to so many more milestones! Let's start with the basics.

You are now a whooping 16 pounds! I can't really tell how big you've gotten while I'm carrying you around, but once you are in your car seat- whoa! You are in the 90th percentile for weight and head circumference which is 17.25 inches. This is actually a little less than your last appointment- I guess your brain is giving your body a chance to catch up :). You are 25 inches long now which is in the 75th percentile. My baby boy is two feet tall now!

You are doing so well growing and developing - it amazes me. You are begining to show small signs of independence like trying to hold your own bottle when you eat. Pretty soon I know you'll get angry if someone tries to hold it for you.

Since you are holding your head so well (as you have been for a while now) we introduced a new toy for you to play with- your jumperoo! You love it so much. It lights up and plays music whenever you jump and you get such a kick out of it. You love excersizing those little legs but your feet don't quite touch the ground when you are in it yet. We just put a pillow under your feet and you get going!

We are also begining to introduce solids this month. Your first time eating cereal was so cute. You have to learn how to eat from a spoon but I'm sure you'll get it relatively quickly. You were very happy with your new meal option and we can't wait for you to try it again.

onsie by baby gap

I am looking forward to the many moments that we will share this month. It is especially sentimental because I also returned to work. I miss our 'mornings with mommy', our trips out to wherever, whenever. I miss you period. Sometimes I think you get mad that I leave you for so long- you don't always smile when I pick you up. I know we will both need time to get used to the change though. I always count down the days until the weekend- or until I get an extra day off.

Love you much!

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  1. he is so photogenic!! And 2'?! He is almost half my height lol


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