Friday, July 10, 2015

5 on Friday: maternity pictures inspiration

This is about the third or fourth time that I've done a post with link backs to Pinterest. It's because I can't find the original source of the photos. So instead of just stealing them, I am linking it somewhere with hope that the owner still gets credits. So if you know the source- please let me know!

I don't play around when it comes to capturing life events on "film". Most of the time I have my big girl camera with me and if I don't it's because I've reasoned that I wouldn't be able to keep up with it, protect it, or keep it safe. So I will never likely have it with me on a beach or a boat. Do you know how much damage sand does to a camera?! For the moments where I can't be the photographer (or at least an up to par photographer) I'll enlist a professional. Sometimes that professional happens to be my brother, other time it's a paid for hire person.
Going into most sessions, I have an idea of the shots I'd like to capture. But, I've also learned from past sessions that  in order to accurate describe what I want to capture, words are not sufficient. At least my words aren't. I'm a horrible description. So, this time around I just bought actual example pictures. I've posted one of my inspiration boards to Instagram and here are the top 5 shots I wanted to capture.

 photo fmtmsig-1.png

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  1. Aww the final picture is priceless!! I'm
    Glad i did them
    This time around! I felt so pretty!


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