Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Halloween is in exactly one month and I need to get my butt in gear. Growing up, "We" did not celebrate Halloween so to speak. I can recall a few times when we dressed up and went trick-or-treating, but eventually the children on our block moved away, the residents got older and older and sadly, no children came down our street anymore. And that was that.

I thought I was going to resurrect the Halloween spirit in sort of Christian manor during my time as the youth director at my church by hosting a "Holyween" party for the youth. But there is nothing harder than planning a party with little to no help and even less money.

Then my son was born.
I had a chance to relive my youth through him and I wanted it to be fun! So, far he has enjoyed Halloween, trick-or-treating, and last year he got to wear his costume 3 times. Since I am not a "my mommy made my costume" type of mommy this was a huge score cause I bought it on sale and feel like I got my money worth.

So, what's my problem this year? Don't I always have a problem with something?! I need to get his costume in order and preferably not at the last minute. Last  minute has it's benefit's (like getting the costumes at 50% off because stores want to get rid of their stock and it also has it's disadvantages (like your vision not coming together exactly how you saw it because the stores are out of what you need- snatched up by all the prepared moms).

Last year we went with firefighter. It was perfect and he loved it! Although it turned out very well about 2 days after Halloween I found all the accessories for his costumes that I couldn't find before (fire extinguisher, axe, etc). I was bummed. Had I planned better I'm sure I would have had those things ahead of time.

This year, I plan on being prepared. There will be a Halloween parade at school so he'll get to wear his costumes twice with a potential for a third time if we go to our friends annual Halloween party. And since I'm the one who usually takes him trick or treating, I'd like our costumes to match. Here in lies my dilemma- finding a suitable, inexpensive costume that compliments a mommy/son match that I won't look ridiculous in at work (because kids aren't the only ones who get to wear their costumes twice!)

So, in my efforts to be more prepared this year- I need your opinion.

During the summer, my son had a fascination with superheroes. I think it came from the older children in his school. He still loves all superheros but it's not his "ooh and ahhh" at the moment. But I think it would be kind of cool to be Bat mommy and Bat man. Yes, I know Martha Wayne died tragically before he even became Batman, but I'm thinking more along the lines of and adult female version of Batgirl rather than Ms. Wayne.

Untitled #7

My son is crazy over vehicles! Dump trucks, flat beds, front loaders. Motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters. Ambulances, helicopters, fire trucks... if its any sort of transportation he's on it. But his vice are diggers. He will make you stop the car if you pass a construction site and you MUST acknowledge that there is a digger withing his site. In fact, "construction" was the theme for his birthday this year. So, I'm thinking he can dress up as a construction worker. How cute would he be in little Tims and a reflector vest?! A little hammer and a hard hat! But where does that leave momma?! The crew supervisor? #whack.
Lastly, my son says football is in his heart. Adorable, right? Check this out. We've done a rendition of this once before for "sports night" at one of our family reunions. So I'm sure I could work it out again. 
What say you?
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  1. I love the batman one but I think you could possibly do a not-overly sexy catwoman thing OR you could so as Poison Ivy. I am not a fan of going as a character who was killed off BUT I can understand what your vision is.

    Eitherways, I can't wait to see it! I am sure you guys will look awesome!

  2. i love that you dress up for Halloween...can't wait to see your outfit come together!!


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