Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend recap

Since I just shared my first cruise experience with you, I'm piggy backing on that with another sea excursion.

A few weekends ago my Dad decided to treat us to something really special. He chartered a sailboat and we went sailing on the Hudson! This was originally meant as a date for just my mom and dad but I'm so happy he decided to let us tag along. It was so much fun and different from what we normally do on weekends. Initially, I was worried about the weather for this time of year but it was perfect- not too hot, not too cold, and the sun was just right!

Our captain was nice, personable, and accommodating. he even let me "drive" us out of the marina! Check out my boat navigating skills. It took some getting used to as it doesn't drive exactly like car (duh! 'cause it's a boat!) but I didn't crash it! However, if you let my husband tell the story you would thought I sunk the Titanic.

I did get a little help from one of the deck hands :)

While we were out at sea river... it got me thinking
"Hey! I could do this every weekend! It was peaceful, relaxing, and stress free! I'm sure every trip wouldn't be like that but it's something I could get used to- especially with such perfect weather. I did get a glimpse of my dream boat- Yachts looks like mini cruise ships to me!

The thing about sailing in this part of the Hudson river is heavy boat traffic. There's water taxis, ferry's, tourist boats, even the NYPD and NYFD was out that day- this made for some crazy wakes. Which mean we got tossed around a bit. It was a little exciting to be honest with you I knew we weren't going to cap size but my mom and son weren't having it! Even my brother started to get sea sick. I'm sitting there thinking how are y'all supposed to come hang out with me on my boat and y'all can't hold it together?! I did feel bad for my little guy though. At one point he looked at me and yelled "Mom! I'm all done!" It made me laugh. Not because he was afraid or uncomfortable but because it just doesn't work like that.. "I'm all done!" Then he tried to convince us that he wanted to go back to his grandparents house. So cute. Finally since we clearly weren't adhering to his requests, he just went to sleep. 
The upside to sailing that part of the Hudson is seeing the "sights" from a different angle. I'm so used to seeing them from land and this view gave an interesting perspective.

But still beautiful nonetheless. 
freedom tower
After we made it back to the marina, we were supposed to have lunch on the boat. But my dad saw a waterfront restaurant while we were out and decided that we should go there instead. Fine by me! It turned out to be a quick service sandbar. My brother definitely tried to tell us it wasn't going to be what we were expecting but if somebody says food then I'm down! The food was pretty good and I would definitely go back if I was into the night time bar scene. The sand pit and fire pit was a cool feature they had but I can't stay out past 9 and I don't drink soooo- I'll leave that up to my brother.
Nope, not waiter service. But I know my brother betta not drop our food! After this excursion, my husband promptly looked into more boat rentals. Next boating season... it's on!
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  1. This sounds so cool! I love new family traditions.

  2. This looks like a blast!
    I giggled when you said you can't stay up past 9 :)

  3. This looks amazing, I would love to simply just hang out on a yacht next looks so relaxing!

  4. I'm glad you guys enjoyed your sailing excursion :) I've only been sailing once and have mixed feelings, I think I'm not really a boat person!


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