Monday, October 6, 2014

MTM: cubby update!

Happy Monday y'all.

It's that time of year again! That weird time of year when it's freezing when you leave in the morning and sweating when you return. We are getting into the season of layers, layers, layers!

If your child attends school/daycare or is cared for outside the home- It's time to update your child's cubby! 

I usually keep a bag with a few sets of change of clothes in my son's cubby at school. That way it's there when he needs it and I don't have to worry about sending another set of clothes right away if he uses it. 

Here a peek inside his bag:

5 pairs of undies (for inevitable accidents)
3 short sleeved shirts
2 long sleeved shirts
1 pair of shorts
4 pair of jeans
1 pair of socks

I never bought the bottle of sunscreen he had home from last summer so I asked his teacher to check the expiration date and he was good to go!

Once the weather gets consistently cold and we hit snow season I will add ski pants and an extra hoodie/jacket along with a hat and gloves. His class goes out as long as it is above 30 degrees. And they have played in the snow several times last year.

Another good thing to do is check for too small clothing and rotate it with clothes worn more often (clothing worn more frequently will suffer more wear and tear than the ones sitting inside in their cubby). Hope this helps!

If you have any tips- post them below! I would love to hear them and so would others :)

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  1. layers are definitely key in this fluctuating fall weather!


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