Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What to wear: School pictures

If you have school aged children, you've probably already gotten their school pictures back or will be getting them back soon. So, this post is coming a little late for you and I'm sure you were in my shoes not too long ago.

This year my son's school is doing pictures and I am so excited!! I love to capture him in photos and I think his pictures tend to come out better when I'm not behind the camera- he gives me such a hard time. I've been completely slacking (which is unlike me) on his 3 year old photos so this will suffice in the meantime!

Now this means I need to figure out what he's going to wear. Actually, by this time this post goes live I would've need to have done that already because his scheduled picture day is today! I know these photos are mainly head shots so I don't have to think too hard, but the class picture will likely be at a wider angle and therefore, there will be a chance that his entire outfit will be photographer.

I put together a few looks I'd like to see my little guy in. Sorry girl mama's
this one is all about the boys!

Toddler Boy

Toddler Boys


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    1. Thank you!!!! But we ended up going with something completely different. I don't know why I stress myself out so much.


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