Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice

It's the Official first day of Summer!!!

Summer has always been my favorite season. As a child it meant staying up late, no school, and lots of fun!  I would look forward to cookouts, pool sessions, and at least one trip to Great Adventures! And then as a teenager summer meant finding a job and saving up money for any "plans" you may have. And now as an adult- a mom, summer means finding the extra time to squeeze in millions of summer family activities!

The official start of summer is the solstice. It's the day of longest amount of daylight from sun up to sundown. Over in my neck of the woods this begins on Friday June 21 at 1:04 am. I had a few things in mind to do to "celebrate" but alas... I'm stuck at work and will be spending the bulk of the evening traveling on the road.

I thought about creating a summer bucket list as many others have already done but I've already have so many other goals on the table to be completed I am not sure I can stand to add even more. I think above all I really just want to enjoy the summer. Time seems to fly and I find myself looking back thinking "where did the time go?!" I mean half the year is gone already!!

So, here's to a wonderful summer!! Please share your summer plans with me, I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. I LOVE SUMMER TOO!!! But, I don't have any major plans. I'd love to go to Las Vegas since I've never been. I began playing tennis again so I want to continue that and loose some weight and...that's it. I'm like you - I have so many goals and such that a summer bucket list seems like it would do the opposite of its purpose and be yet another thing I DIDN'T complete! lol

  2. Hey there ! Happy summer! Hopping on over from Baby Bump Bundle Blog since I saw you on the Magnolia Pair :)

  3. I love me some Summer time fun and weather. This year is seriously flying by, it's insane.

  4. I love summer..something nostalgic about it!


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